*Kermit Flail* Monday, January!

Omg omg omg!  I’m literally pee pee dancing in excitement!  

You guys!  People actually wanted to be on *kermit flail*  this month!  I mean, they’ve wanted to be on other months, but this month, people got really excited in quantity.  We have some awesome authors this January, with some books that I have just languishing on my Kindle, screaming, “Read me, dammit! I look AMAZING!”  Not only that, but I get to announce a new con– one in Germany.  Okay, okay– I don’t get to go, but it’s in Germany, and y’all know Europe just cranks my key.  Oh!  Not only that, but the I have my own release coming out–the fourth book in the Johnnies series, Black John, and that’s down at the bottom, and I’m sort of excited about it!

So, you know, it’s a big month book wise, and we’re starting out with one of the books burning in my Kindle the hottest.  Elizah J. Davis is the victim of having amused the holy hell out of me one giddy evening in Portland, and one lovely lunch in Atlanta.  She’s funny, and she doesn’t do angst, and sometimes, that’s exactly what I need in a story sometimes.  So everybody give it up and give it a hurrah for Making Nice by Elizah J. Davis– YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!

by Elizah J. Davis

Twins Blake and Bianca Dunlap have always been there for each other, ready to lend support and make sacrifices. Blake can’t imagine a bigger sacrifice than getting along with Bianca’s fiancé, Matt. However, Matt turns out to be more than the meathead Blake had dismissed him as, but Matt’s best friend, Ryan Everett, is a different story. Ryan seems intent on being an insufferable jerk as often as possible. The fact that Blake is undeniably attracted to Ryan only makes the whole situation more annoying. 

Since they’ll all be stuck together for the long haul, Blake is determined to make nice. Unfortunately he overshoots, and he and Ryan end up on much friendlier terms than Blake intended. While he and Ryan agree there’s no harm in having a strings-free fling, that changes when Matt and Bianca find out about it. As more complications arise, Blake and Ryan become more determined to do what it takes to avoid letting them down. But the only way to ensure getting through a joyous wedding and avoid the questions neither of them want to answer is to convince everyone it’s something more.


We were all sad when Sid left his blog Love Bytes, but since he left it in Dani’s capable hands, and did it to write, I think we can forgive him.  His newest offering is Let it Go, and it looks amazing and enjoyable.  Our world is full of diversity, and let’s give it up to Sid for celebrating it with love!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

by Sid Love

 “Everyone tells me to stay away from him. But if only I knew how to resist him…”

Goa isn’t supposed to be on Damon O’Neil’s list of places to stay while working in India. It’s merely a substitute for his planned trip to visit his sister in Paris for Christmas and the New Year. His boss had other ideas. He’s sent Damon to carry out urgent upgrades to the company’s offshore units and Damon can’t say no.

When Damon encounters an extra-spicy curry, a handsome Indian guy named Virat comes to his rescue. Damon is instantly smitten with his looks, and especially with his cute smile. But Damon soon realizes he is very much out of his league when Virat introduces his new wife.

However, there might just be a chance Virat isn’t all he pretends to be …



Sue Brown first read me when she reviewed The Green’s Hill Werewolves for Torquere, and I first read her when I read The Night Porter, which I loved.  (Max! Max! You should have gone to him!)  And in the meantime we chatted and I realized she’s funny, smart, and she writes a lovely character.  I’m so excited to get to pimp her here on Kermit Flail, and this sweet little holiday story sounds absolutely scrumptious!

by Sue Brown

 Rob Barker had plans for his weekend and they didn’t involve struggling through the pre-Christmas crowds with the five-year-old niece he barely knows. Left with no choice, he grudgingly takes Pearl to see the sights of London but, instead of following the list his sister-in-law gives him, Rob takes her to With A Kick, an ice-cream shop with a difference.

His plan is foiled when he discovers With A Kick is closed for a private children’s party, but the owners kindly let Pearl join in. Rob’s mood improves considerably as he watches Father Christmas hand out presents. Not only is Santa a hot red-head under the beard, he is also one of his rugby team-mates, Mick, a man Rob has always lusted after. After Mick confesses a mutual interest, he agrees to meet Rob at With A Kick’s evening party—where there are definitely no kids – or girls – allowed.


Oh my word– Carole Cummings.  I met her nearly three years ago at a Dreamspinner Press conference, and I adored her.  She and Eden Winters were… well, charming. Funny. And just the loveliest, loveliest, most amazing women. Strong–that too. I have had Carole’s Wolf’s Own books in my Kindle for nearly two years now, and every time I look at them I think, “I cannot imagine that woman writing a book I didn’t love!”  I’m almost afraid to start them, truth be told, because I am so squirrel brained when reading, I’m afraid my brain will squirrel and I’ll miss something amazing. I’m waiting for a moment when I have some peace and some reading time and I can savor every word she writes.  When I found out her books were being re-released with Dreamspinner Press Productions, into the full-blown fantasy milieu, I thought, “Of course!  Of course she’d write something far reaching and magical!”  

I’m so honored to have her book on my blog.  

Let’s hear it for Carole Cummings, people– YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!


by Carole Cummings

The amorality of gods makes it hard to tell ‘bad’ from ‘good’ and ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. Fen doesn’t care. All Fen cares about is saving his family, and he’ll risk anything and anyone that gets in his way. Including his own soul.

No longer willing to wait for the machinations of the gods’ minions, Fen accepts the trade Malick has offered and together they set out to rescue Fen’s family and kill the man Fen has loved for years. With the Ancestors still screaming in his head, and with the duplicity and manipulations whirling around him, Fen finds it harder and harder to do without the silence Malick can offer him.

Malick has his own reasons to hand over everything Fen wants, and equally compelling reasons to withhold everything Fen needs. Over his head, and timing as bad as ever, Malick must devise a way to do his god’s bidding without breaking his god’s laws—and keep Fen sane and on Malick’s side in the bargain.


Rick R. Reed is a legend in the M/M community. He wrote gay protagonists before it was fashionable, and made a name for himself in the horror genre when the only place you could buy books with LGBTQ characters was in independent bookshops in certain neighborhoods of the big city.  He’s one of those names we whisper among ourselves in awe, and I’m afraid every time I meet him in person I’m an awkward ball of awkwardness, because he’s Rick R. Reed!  The fact that he knows my name and wanted to be on my blog made me do the cabbage patch in my kitchen.  (My dogs were confused about this–but I figured he’d get a kick out of knowing that, because I know his husband brings their dog to travel.  I cannot be alone in dancing in my kitchen and confusing he heck out of my dog 😉

So everybody welcome Rick, and what looks to be a very original story, with a protagonist who is not eighteen and ripped (and we need more of those!) and a book I am so jealous of, because it seems, on the whole, a very cool and poignant idea–everybody give it up for Rick R. Reed!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!

Rick R. Reed

Life can change in the blink of an eye. That’s a truth Andy Slater learns as a young man in 1982, taking the Chicago ‘L’ to work every morning. Andy’s life is laid out before him: a good job, marriage to his female college sweetheart, and the white picket fence existence he believes in. But when he sees Carlos Castillo for the first time, Carlos’s dark eyes and Latin appeal mesmerize him. Fate continues to throw them together until the two finally agree to meet up. At Andy’s apartment, the pent-up passion of both young men is ignited, but is snuffed out by an inopportune and poorly-timed phone call.

Flash forward to present day. Andy is alone, having married, divorced, and become the father of a gay son. He’s comfortable but alone and has never forgotten the powerful pull of Carlos’s gaze on the ‘L’ train. He vows to find him once more, hoping for a second chance. If life can change in the blink of an eye, what will the passage of thirty years do? To find out, Andy begins a search that might lead to heartache and disappointment or a love that will last forever….


Okay– I get super excited about Andrew’s books because he actually tells them to me as he’s writing them. I can listen to him talk about his next project for hours, because every character is lovingly penned and given life with an affection and enthusiasm that very few writers can rival. This one is special–and (as seems to be a theme) it presents an original protagonist, and a thoughtful attention toward what’s real in life and what we need to let go of to be happy.  

Ladies and gentleman, this looks like something special and everybody give it up for Fire and Water by Mr. Andrew Grey!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Fire and Water

by Andrew Grey

Officer Red Markham knows about the ugly side of life after a car accident left him scarred and his parents dead. His job policing the streets of Carlisle, PA, only adds to the ugliness, and lately, drug overdoses have been on the rise. One afternoon, Red is dispatched to the local Y for a drowning accident involving a child. Arriving on site, he finds the boy rescued by lifeguard Terry Baumgartner. Of course, Red isn’t surprised when gorgeous Terry won’t give him and his ugly mug the time of day.

Overhearing one of the officer’s comment about him being shallow opens Terry’s eyes. Maybe he isn’t as kindhearted as he always thought. His friend Julie suggests he help those less fortunate by delivering food to the elderly. On his route he meets outspoken Margie, a woman who says what’s on her mind. Turns out, she’s Officer Red’s aunt.

Red and Terry’s worlds collide as Red tries to track the source of the drugs and protect Terry from an ex-boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer. Together they might discover a chance for more than they expected—if they can see beyond what’s on the surface.



And oh my God.  People, if you’ve read Rhys Ford’s Dirty series, with Cole and Jae, you will be so excited about this one.  This is *waves hands*  Bobby and Ichi’s story, and it’s the one of the last stories in the Cole McGinnis mysteries, and I’ve been putting off reading it because I don’t want it to end!

So we all know I adore Rhys Ford, because she sends me bunny pictures and helps me with my tech and occasionally bails me out of my own doofishness with nothing more than an “Oh honey…”  but I also adore this series, and I’m SCREAMING in excitement.  Everybody give it up for Rhys ford and Down and Dirty!  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!

Down and Dirty

By Rhys Ford

From the
moment former LAPD detective Bobby Dawson spots Ichiro Tokugawa, he knows the
man is trouble. And not just because the much younger Japanese inker is hot,
complicated, and pushes every one of Bobby’s buttons. No, Ichi is trouble
because he’s Cole McGinnis’s younger brother and off-limits in every possible
way. And Bobby knows that even before Cole threatens to kill him for looking
Ichi’s way. But despite his gut telling him Ichi is bad news, Bobby can’t stop
looking… or wanting.

Ichi was
never one to play by the rules. Growing up in Japan as his father’s heir, he’d
been bound by every rule imaginable until he had enough and walked away from
everything to become his own man. Los Angeles was supposed to be a brief
pitstop before he moved on, but after connecting with his American
half-brothers, it looks like a good city to call home for a while—if it weren’t
for Bobby Dawson.

Bobby is
definitely a love-them-and-leave-them type, a philosophy Ichi whole-heartedly
agrees with. Family was as much of a relationship as Ichi was looking for, but
something about the gruff and handsome Bobby Dawson that makes Ichi want more.

Much, much


Okay– I did tell you my own book would be here.  But it’s JOHN, from JOHNNIES… And he’s dark and dastardly and hurt and brave and he’s a sarcastic little shit with a wicked sense of humor and a sort of wandering mind.  I really loved John.  I loved him a lot in this story.  I loved Galen. I loved the way they interacted, all dry and superior, when they were bleeding inside.

So we don’t have to give it up Kermit style– but do keep in mind that this one is out on January 26th.  It’s coming, and if you liked even one of the Johnnies books, I don’t think you want to miss it.  

Black John
by Amy Lane
John Carey is just out of rehab and dying inside when he gets word that Tory, the guy who loved him and broke him, has removed himself from the world in the most bitter way possible—and left John to clean up his mess.

Forced back to his hometown in Florida, John’s craving a hit with every memory when he meets Tory’s neighbor. Spacey and judgmental, Galen Henderson has been rotting in his crappy apartment since a motorcycle accident robbed him of his mobility, his looks, and his boyfriend all in one mistake. Galen’s been hiding at the bottom of an oxy bottle, but when John shows up, he feels obligated to help wade through the wreckage of Tory’s life.

The last thing John needs is another relationship with an addict, and the last thing Galen wants is a conscience. Both of them are shocked when they find that their battered souls can learn from and heal one another. It doesn’t hurt that they’re both getting a crash course on how growing up and getting past your worst mistakes sure beats the alternative—and that true love is something to fight to keep if your lover is fighting to love you back.

Okay now– *whew*  — that was exciting!

But now I’ve got a whole different thing to promote!

For those of you across the pond from me, in Europe (and I know there’s a lot of you!) we have a new convention, and it’s looking pretty sweet!

Folks, this is Marc Fleishhauer from Rainbow Gold Reviews and he’s setting up Euro Pride con.  He wants authors and readers alike to come and meet, during Munich’s Pride celebrations, and I think it sounds like a fabulous idea.  So if you can be in that area in July, take a look at the registration and description and see if maybe you have a brand new destination!  

And let’s give it up for new endeavors and taking life with both hands, shall we?  Everybody give Marc and Euro Pride Con a giant Kermit YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYAY!!!

Registration is now open for Euro Pride Con 2015!
What is Euro Pride
Euro Pride Con is a gathering of fans of LGBT fiction and
media, which will be held over the weekend of July 11/12, 2015 in Munich,
Germany. This weekend coincides with the city’s Pride celebrations that
attendees will have the option to be a part of!
The convention itself will offer the chance to fans of LGBT
fiction to meet authors and publishers, discuss their favourite books, trade
ideas, and generally hang out with a group of like-minded people.
In the USA, there’s 
several LGBT fiction conventions that run through the year, however
there’s only one in the whole of Europe (the brilliant UK GLBT Fiction Meet).
Euro Pride Con will bring together writers and readers from all over Europe to
get together over one fantastic weekend.
Munich is a beautiful city and a great choice for the first
year of the convention. It’s fairly central in Europe and has an international
airport. The convention will be held at the Sheraton Arabella Park, a beautiful
hotel right in the centre of the city.
What does the
schedule look like?
We’re still currently hammering out the finer details of the
schedule, although we already have guest speakers in RJ Scott and Jay Bell,
who’s book Something Like Summer is
being adapted into a movie.
At Euro Pride Con we’re hoping to offer something slightly
different during the day. Instead of front-led panels, we’ll be hosting a
series of interactive workshops on a range of different topics. These workshops
will be led by any combination of author, reader, reviewer and publisher, which
we hope will expose all attendees to a range of different thoughts, opinions,
and viewpoints.
If you’d like to be involved in a panel please email us at europridecon@gmail.com – spaces are filling up
quick, so don’t wait too long!
The convention will start on Saturday, however, for anyone
who arrives in the city early there will be activities planned in the city on
Friday afternoon.
Attendees at Euro Pride Con have two options:
Register as an attendee 


Attendees will have access to all workshops and events over the course of the

Register as a featured attendee


Featured attendees can be authors, bloggers, cover artists, editors, or anyone
who would like to promote themselves and their work over the course of the
weekend. Featured attendees will be given a spot at the signing on Sunday, the
option to give out “swag”, will be featured on blogs and social media leading
up to the event, and can take part in leading any of the workshops (subject to
places being available).
All tickets include dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.
All payments need to be made in Euros (you can convert the
price to your local currency at www.xe.com ). Our
preferred method of payment is through PayPal (which will automatically make
the payment in Euros) though if you don’t have a PayPal account please email us
at europridecon@gmail.com and we can make
alternative arrangements.

Staying in Munich
The hotel where the convention is being held is the
beautiful Sheraton Arabella Park – http://www.sheratonarabellapark.com/en

However there are other hotels close by, if you’d prefer to
stay off-site.
If you’d like to make a reservation at the Sheraton, please
use the link above, or use this link – http://www.sheratonarabellapark.com/en/contact-starwood
– for the phone number to call (depending on where you live!)
If there’s anything we can do to help
make your stay in Munich more enjoyable, please feel free to contact the Euro
Pride Con organisers.

Forum: Open, but still under construction: http://europridecon.freeforums.net/

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  3. Kermit flailing has caused me to wishlist far too many books!

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