*Kermit Flail* October


I thought I’d start out with that, because hey, it’s been a fanTASTIC weekend.

But, now that the madness of birthday weekend is over, we’ve got some great stuff coming this month–EJ Russell gives us traditional Halloween monsters in Wolf’s Clothing, Rick R. Reed gives us a little sadness, a little healing, and some food in Dinner at Jacks, John Inman gives us a scavenger hunt in Ben and Shiloh, Shira Anthony gives us SO MUCH ADORABLE with Take Two, and Elisabeth Staab gives us some het new adult with Piece by Piece. See what I mean? Something for everybody, right? *flails some moar*

All in all?  It’s a a wonderful, eclectic bunch of writers with some STUNNING cover art, and some blurbs that I found weep worthy in their intrigue. (Read, I want to read ALL THE DAMN BOOKS, and yet the day is still as long as it was last month which is totally unfair!)

Oh… and I’ve got a teeny bit of a cover reveal at the bottom of the page. I JUST got the cover today, there is no buy link yet, but for those of you who remember, this is Mason’s story, and he was a side character from Winter Ball.   (And I love the cover art ever so!)

So, here you go, folks– enjoy the new goodies for me, because reading? Still the ultimate pleasure. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wolf’s Clothing

by E.J. Russell

What do you do when you finally prove the existence of the otherworld, but the ghosts kick your ass?

For Trent Pielmeyer, the answer is run like hell—away from his hostile family, away from the disbelieving cops, and far, far, faraway from anything that smacks of the supernatural. After seven years’ captivity in a whacked-out alternate dimension, he isso over legend tripping.

When Christophe Clavret spots Trent in a Portland bar, he detects a kindred spirit—another man attempting to outrun the darkness of his own soul. But despite their sizzling chemistry, Trent’s hatred of the uncanny makes Christophe hesitant to confide the truth: he’s a werewolf, one of a dwindling line, the victim of a genetic curse extending back to feudal Europe.

But dark forces are at work, threatening more than their growing love. If Christophe can’t win Trent’s trust, and if Trent can’t overcome his fear of the paranormal, the cost could be Trent’s freedom and Christophe’s humanity. Or it might be both their lives.

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Take Two

by Shira Anthony
Lights, camera, action! When Professor Wesley Coolidge accepts a summer job as a historical consultant to a pirate movie being filmed in North Carolina, the last person he expects to bump into is his soon-to-be-ex, movie star Sander Carson.

Just like the flamboyant pirate he’s playing, Sander, aka Sam Carr, is used to getting what he wants, and he makes it clear he wants Wesley back in his life. Sam lost Wesley when he left their life in New York City behind for a career in Hollywood. But Wesley has finally managed to put the pieces of his heart back together, and he isn’t interested in Sam and Wesley: The Sequel.

Convincing Wesley to give their relationship a second chance will take much more than Sam’s apologies and reminders of good times past. If Sam wants Wesley back, he’ll have to show Wesley that they really can sail into the sunset together—a real-life happily-ever-after that won’t end once the final credits roll.

Dreamspinner Press



Piece by Piece
by Elisabeth Staab

So I caught my dad in bed with my ex-girlfriend.

My best friend cancelled our plans to celebrate my birthday.

Decided to drink away the betrayal.

Made out with a cardboard cutout of a celebrity in front of my new roommates.

Got in a bar fight.

Hooked up with that pretty bartender whose sad smile I’ve secretly been painting pictures of since forever, but she shoved me out the door with hardly a word.

Did I mention the tattoo I don’t exactly remember getting?

And that’s only Saturday.

Now I need to pick up the pieces of my messed-up life.


What do you do when you’ve lived in the same small town your whole life and you feel as if you’ll always be stuck in the same rut, like a piece of busted wagon wheel? Well, maybe you start by hooking up with the first decent guy who walks into your bar.

Maybe once you do, it’s hard to get him out of your head even though you try. And maybe, just maybe, you find out he makes you laugh even more than he makes you want to shout his name.

If you’re me, you don’t even know what to do with a guy like him. A little piece of happiness…that feels downright dangerous.


Dinner at Jacks
by Rick R. Reed
Personal chef Beau St. Clair, recently divorced from his cheating husband, has returned to the small Ohio River town where he grew up to lick his wounds. Jack Rogers lives with his mother Maisie in that same small town, angry at and frightened of the world. Jack has a gap in his memory that hides something he dares not face, and he’s probably suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Maisie, seeking relief from her housebound and often surly son, hires Beau to cook for Jack, hoping the change might help bring Jack, once a handsome and vibrant attorney, back to his former self. But can a new face and comfort food compensate for the terror lurking in Jack’s past?

Slowly, the two men begin a dance of revelation and healing. Food and compassion build a bridge between Beau and Jack, a bridge that might lead to love.

But will Jack’s demons allow it? Jack’s history harbors secrets that could just as easily rip them apart as bring them together.



by John Inman

Shiloh Smart is alone and looking for a fresh start. Convinced he’s finished with love forever, he signs a lease at the Belladonna Arms, a tacky, run-down apartment building situated high on a hill in downtown San Diego.

Determined to turn his back on romance, Shiloh works hard at carving out a life for himself where love doesn’t stand a chance and staying single is all that matters.

Then his drag queen landlord’s nephew, Ben Moss, moves in. Thanks to a rumor Ben has heard since childhood of a fifty-year-old crime and a fortune in stolen money, he sets out to find the loot supposedly hidden decades ago in his uncle’s apartment building.

The minute Ben spots a kilted Shiloh toddling off to work at the Scottish restaurant up the street where he waits tables, he falls hard and fast for the aloof young redhead. Even a hidden treasure can’t compete in Ben’s eyes with the beautiful waiter with the fiery copper hair.

But even while he diligently works to break down Shiloh’s defenses, Ben doesn’t give up his quest for buried treasure. Soon, as their friendship deepens, the two young men join forces in a search for the stolen cash.

As the treasure hunt gathers steam and all the tenants get involved, Ben and Shiloh come to realize the greatest treasure isn’t buried in the Belladonna Arms at all. It’s buried far deeper—in each other’s hearts!



Mason Hayes’s love life has a long history of losers who
don’t see that Mason’s heart is as deep and tender as his mouth is awkward. He
wants kindness, he wants love—and he wants someone who thinks sex is as
fantastic as he does. When Terry Jefferson first asks him out, Mason thinks
it’s a fluke: Mason is too old, too boring, and too blurty to interest someone
as young and hot as his friend’s soccer teammate.
The truth is much more painful: Mason and Terry are
perfectly compatible, and they totally get each other, but
Terry is still living with his toxic,
suffocating parent and Mason doesn’t want to be a sugar daddy. Watching Terry
struggle to find himself is a long lesson in patience, but Mason needs to trust
that the end result will be worth it, because finally, he’s found a man worth
sharing his heart with.

Sequel to Winter Ball.  Out in November.  

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