So, Squish’s birthday is on Friday, and Easter is on Sunday, and we are rapidly approaching one of those weird periods where I’m living my life instead of blogging it, and no writing gets done.

Yeah, it scares me too.

Anyway, don’t be afraid when nothing pops up on my feed for a couple of days (I can’t yet determine when it’s going to happen– it could be on shopping day, it could be the day I get my hair done, it could be Friday, when we’re running around the house cleaning it and screaming, “Oh hell! When do we have to be at the pizza place?”

Either way, I foresee an avalanche of domestic need dumping down on my head, and, well, I love y’all, but you’re the first to go.

Anyway, just be aware, it won’t last long– I’ll be back soon.

And as for what I did today? Well, I found my keys, which is a big deal, because apparently you have to forfeit a child or a pet or something when you lose your keys these days. Yeah, it’s terrifying– I left my keys and Chili’s on Friday and the poor girl at the kiosk was like, “But you have to tell me what make and model the car was, or I won’t be able to give you the keys and they’re so expensive!”

I was like, “Uh, two lanyards, one with Dreamspinner Press and one with Beneath the Stain and a Gandalf Lego keychain and a Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair keychain and…”

She’s like, “The type of car.

“Oh yeah. Odyssey.”

“Here you go. YOu had me scared for a second.”

She was very sweet, and I almost said Dodge Caravan. Which would have been fine, I guess, because those keys are still on there– a last gasp of denial.

Anyway– till tomorrow!  Oh– and speaking of tomorrow, I’ve got a couple of releases on their way, one of them Wednesday. Keep an eye out for Foolish Encounters at amazon– it’s a collection of April Fool’s Shorts, and yes, I swear mine is funny and light. (Those of you who read Nascha may doubt me– I understand, but it’s true.) So anyway–it’s out at Wilde City already, and I understand a lot of the stories are quirky fantasy/sci-fi, so it sounds really enjoyable!

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  1. Friday is also my birthday! 🙂

  2. Happy early birthday Squish!!

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