Kindle sales and specials and RED FISH IS OUT!

So we all know that primetime news has been hard at work trying to avoid repeating what Anthony Scaramucci actually said–i.e., “I don’t mean to suck my own cock here…” on a NYT interview.

What we don’t know is how many impressionable young people strained themselves trying it to see if it was possible.

ZoomBoy was smart–he asked if it was physically possible first. I said, “Only with a lot of stretching first,” and he said, “Yeah, and you’d have to be pretty big to make it in there.”

So good. That’s one kid who won’t sprain his back doing something unmentionable.

I”m proud of my kid for having the sense God gave a goat, but once again, embarrassed as fuck for my country.

In other news, ZoomBoy is going to his high school orientation tomorrow. I’m nervous for the little nerd ball. He’s just not old enough to be there, you know? I hope he makes it through this next year–he’s such an awesome kid.

Of course, in the self preservation side of things, I’ve only got a week to go to try to keep writing while my kids are in the house 24/7, and I gotta admit–that’s pretty awesome. I love them, but sometimes it’s hard to work from home with them. Saying.

Also, soccer has started. *sigh*  Squish was like, “Mom, you’re not going to watch me practice today?” and I was like, “It’s 104 and I got to bed at 2:30 a.m.. Sorry honey. I’ll wait until it’s 95.”

She understood.


I’ve got a lot of new stuff and deals on my books so I was going to list that all here in one place for you!

First of all– Fish Out of Water will be $.99 for another week, I think? 

Second of all– RED FISH, DEAD FISH IS OUT!!!!  

Third of all– Beneath the Stain is a Kindle Special for $1.99 ALL MONTH

Fourth of all– Vulnerable is a Kindle Special for $1.99 ALL MONTH!!! 

Now, I gave you the amazon link, but remember–all specials are also good at !!!

And oh! I will be part of a FB takeover at the DreamReader Group this weekend... if you ever wanted to ask me questions like “How big is your yarn stash?” and “Why did you kill Adrian?”, now is your chance!

(For the record? Mate said I should answer that last one, “Because I was done with him.”  I told him no thanks, I chose life.)

Anyway–if you want an interactive chat, I’ll be there.


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