So, still a little sick.

But one of the few real benefits to being sick is that when I sit down in front of the TV to knit, I don’t get as distracted–and you can see here I’ve made some headway on the Wild Teasel. (The actual pattern name. Woot! I used a pattern!)

And the thing is, I’m almost halfway through both yarn skeins, and it’s occurring the me that there’s not going to be enough yarn.

Now, if you could only see my house, you’d realize I am SURROUNDED by yarn. But none of it is a gradient sock-weight yarn in those two exact and distinct different color combinations which means I had to ORDER more yarn so I could finish this project.

Which sounds ridiculous, right?

Except look at the thing below. No, I don’t know why the variegated is pooling differently on the left–I only just realized that now. I think what happened was my gauge loosened up just a tad, and suddenly the pooling pattern got cattywampus, but I’m not an exact enough knitter to rip out weeks of work.

Now, you may wonder how I know the gauge loosened–and here’s the thing. I had three skeins of yarn: angsty orange and paranormal purple. The plan was to put the variegated in between, and the orange would start out at a point, get longer on one side, then the variegated would continue in a straight line along the back, and then the purple would decrease along the same side, and I’d have a standard triangle shawl without the arrow pointing to my ass because that’s not my thing.

But the purple didn’t make it to the end.

Not even a little to the end.

I’m going to need like, a third of a skein.

And because my thing is variegated hand paints and I have no stores of plain colored sock yarn–oh, wait. I do.


Not even close.

It’s got orange, but it’s not the orange i need, now is it.

So yes. Had to order more purple.

So I’m in a house full of yarn and if WEBS doesn’t get its ass in gear, I’m going to have two shawls in time out not because I didn’t want to finish them but because–get this–I NEEDED MORE YARN.

The irony here is crushing–but I’m the only one who can’t breathe cause I’m laughing so damned hard.

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