Ladybug fall down and go boom!

Okay–really, I have nothing to post about today.

I told the folks at work about the interview and (with the exception of the Lady in Red who has my eternal adoration) they were so excited that they…

Said not a blessed thing. You know, it’s a good thing I get my strokes elsewhere, because these guys have like a mission to destroy the self esteem of anyone with two x chromosomes and a creative mind. There’s probably a special, boring place in hell where all they do is argue about is sports reserved for these people alone, but I don’t think they’d recognize it as evil, so it’s absolutely perfect as an afterlife–I guess the Goddess is merciful after all. I don’t know–I think I’d get more props if I changed oil for Jiffy Lube or something. You’d think English teachers (I mean, *teachers*, for sweet Triane’s sake–our JOB is to praise people so that they keep trying at worthwhile attempts at communication) would have more to say about that interview than, “Homoerotica, huh?”

Okay, rant over. My little pity party is breaking up and I can go on with my regular scheduled yarning about wool…

I’m starting the knitting club tomorrow–today I brought four children’s sweaters in to brag–including the FO I just finished–a little pastel sweater from Yarn Girl’s Kid’s Knits (the 0-3 year old book). I did it in this thick/thin cotton yarn and once I get the buttons on, it will make a very nice mid-season sweater. Of course, I improvised the pattern and didn’t stripe it and added a hood…but mostly it was Julie and Jordana’s idea, and I likes it. I don’t know how big a turn-out I’ll get, but I did buy 9 sets of those ittle bittle needles from Red-Heart to, well, basically give away, and I’m raiding my yarn stash for the really colorful stuff again. (I need mate’s help getting this out of the garage…) and basically, I’m ready to spend my Tuesday lunches running around like a headless chicken, frustrating teenagers w/the attention span of a spaz-weasel and hoping that at least one in ten take. It’s something to hope for, anyway.

And in the children department? Ladybug fell down one step at the babysitters–apparently she was just one step up and just fell flat on her face. Her upper lip has it’s own zip-code now, and if it’s still that big when she’s three, we’re picking out names and setting up a bank-account. That didn’t stop her from partying down, though–she still climbed on top of my yarn boxes and danced the monkey all night tonight, amusing the family to no end. Damn…she’s the child that the song ‘Personality’ was written for.

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  1. roxie says:

    You can’t always get what you wah-hant. But if you try sometimes, you may find, you get what you need! I would say that Ladybug, dancing the monkey atop your yarn boxes, should meet a number of needs. And the fact tht the only response you got was, “Homoerotic, huh?” says a great deal more about the speaker than it does about your work. Besides, we all know how prickweenies like to diminish and dismiss things that are too hard for them to achieve. I’m still thrilled about your interview!

  2. Poor Ladybug. I’m sure she’s milking it for all she’s worth.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I have been trying to set up a knitting group in my social rehab program and occasionally get one or two people to show up. I have given away more needles than I can count and gotten rid of lots of yarn. I am currently teaching two women to crochet so they can make chemo caps as a service project. I figure if I can get them to bring the stuff back this week, I will have won a major battle.

  4. Louiz says:

    finally managed to read the review (computer at home playing up)


    And there is nothing better than a baby that thinks dancing makes everything better:)

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