Okay–I must confess–I’m knackered. I’ve been seriously putting out a chapter every day or two–I don’t know how I got into this zone, but every breath is a burning NEED to finish the book. I figure I’ve got about four chapters to go–so that’s about forty-eight or so pages, and then–it’s done.

I’m almost dizzy with it.

I’m definitely dizzy with lack of sleep and that weird, brain-fever exhaustion that comes from simultaneously existing in two places at the same time–fucking dragon. I’m seriously considering taking Friday off so I can finish this project and get some sleep.

So this is going to be a short post–but I’ve got some burning cuteness for you–and most of it is from Ladybug.

* I went to lay down with Ladybug last night to cuddle. I’m in the sort of shape where, if I lay down for longer than two seconds, I drool a little on the pillow. So I woke up after a minute, and Ladybug is right over me, gazing deep into my eyes. “Mama–you’ve got television in your GLASSES!”

* Ladybug’s babysitter told me that they had a half-an-hour conversation about what Ladybug did this weekend. Brenda had to sit down for this because, as she told it, Ladybug heard one half-formed, “uh-huh, and then what happened?” and she said, “SIT DOWN–you’re not listening to me. Sit down and talk.” And then, when the story was done, she said, “You can go now. I’m all done.”

* As Brenda was telling me this story, Ladybug ran up to us and laid face down on the floor in front of our feet with her arms and legs spread. As she was laying there, she raised up her head and said, “Look–I’m a star!”

* And my favorite–at least for today: An imperious request to sit down with the little fun-yun and eat ice cream with her. I mean, Sponge-bob, ice cream– life doesn’t get much etter than that, right?

btw– Grilltech made up for his rather cruel threat with some virtual brisket, offered via the net. The thought was delicious!

And now I’ve got to do… I can LITERALLY barely keep my eyes open. I think I’m going to bed not just before 12:30 tonight, but before 11:00–wow. I wonder what the world looks like when my eyeballs aren’t bleeding from exhaustion?

0 thoughts on “Ladybug-isms”

  1. Ladybug is cute as a button.

  2. roxie says:

    Hmm – Ladybug – button. I think you're on to something there.

    Amy, your dragons are much fiercer than mine. I hope they let you sleep soon. All the best!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I love little girls. Their imaginations are unfettered and if you listen to them (which you do) you can learn so much about the joy in the world. She's a treasure, that one.

  4. DecRainK says:

    Repeat after me – Sleep is a GOOD thing. It keeps us sane.

    Ladybug is the cutest!

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