Okay, so for starters I made turkey + gravy w/mashed potatoes for dinner, and set the turkey carcass to slow cook for soup tomorrow.

*happy sigh*

Boy, do I love leftovers.

I also, I confess, have a thing for yarn leftovers.

The red and white hat (which is NOT color true at all because the couch is oxblood and we have zero creditable light sources in our house right now) I made with these two random balls of chunky yarn that was just sort of hanging around my stash. I kept looking at it thinking, “Uh… I have no idea what I’m going to do with this…”

JUST enough for the hat and the ragged floof ball on top.

It looks like a candy cane.

It doesn’t have a destination yet, but I’m pretty sure by the time I’m done with this year’s crafting I’ll find one. btw– the yarn is a multi-ply 50% wool, 50% acrylic– I used the original yarn for a blanket for Chicken, because I got it on sale. Did the whole thing in K1, P1 rib and while it made me want to slit my wrist with monotony, the blanket is still on her bed and doing very well.

The little gray set…

Not so much a leftover, but a repurpose. The original batch of yarn was meant for a big poncho that I never got to, with several gradations of dark purple fading to light purple fading to gray. And then I used a skein of the purple tweed for socks, and then a skein of gray for mitts for a guy, and then I got a request for the same thing in gray again.

And I kept hearing Nathan Lane in the back of my head–that quote from BirdCage. “It does want but a hint of color.”

So I broke out that gray purple and went to town.

And there was enough of both for the hat.

So I’m feeling very smug about leftovers right now. Seems very thrifty, right? Very, very thrifty…

Sh… don’t tell anybody, but I have SO MUCH RAW YARN in my house right now, I could knit a hat a day for the rest of my life in any color, and there would still be boxes of it left when I die.

But the illusion of thrift…

We take our props where we can.

And I have to add here– you may notice the gray mitt/hat set on the back of the couch. I have to admit, I had a sad little moment there. I set it up to block and thought, “Well, I don’t know why I’m spending so much time making sure it’s straight–Gordie’s gonna come sleep on it almost immediately.”

Damn cat hated me, but he loved my knitting, and not having him come make sweet lurve to my blocking knitwear is pretty damned sad.

Fucking cat.

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