Lemme Hear It From the Cheap Seats!

This is Talker–and he’s getting a lot of attention. Maybe it’s the tattoos and maybe it’s the fact that Bella was so sweet and light and this one is… well… not. Either way, I’m getting all nervy again because it’s out tonight from this place and ARe and amazon.com and all points in between.

Either way, I’ve been chewing on nerves all week. (Of course, worrying about Zoomboy has me chewing on something more substantial, so the nerves are just sitting there, misfiring and neglected and only partially digested.) Chris is running a contest for it, and she’s got a LOT of hits… and I’m getting more nervy by the minute. People are anticipating something I did… oh geez. *nerves*

So, well, I need to say it. Everybody out there, join in for me, yeah?

Holy Goddess, Merciful God… LET IT NOT SUCK!



0 thoughts on “Lemme Hear It From the Cheap Seats!”

  1. Chris says:

    *rummages around for a tranquilizer to pass to Amy*

  2. Michelle says:

    Dang…missed the contest but…GOOD LUCK Amy..and judging by your other books(of which i have read most) IT WILL NOT SUCK!

  3. Galad says:

    Holy Goddess, Merciful God… LET IT NOT SUCK! (and of course it will not!!) Happy to see so many people appreciating your writing !!!!!

  4. Shall I make you even crazier? =^.^= No, that would be mean.

    It doesn't suck.

  5. roxie says:

    You know my mantra. It sucketh not, neither doth it bore. Amen! Halleluiah!!!

    You so totally rock!

  6. Amy Lane says:

    *happy sigh* Thanks, guys… I feel better… but, uhm, i think it's cute how Knittech thinks she can make me crazier…

  7. kawol says:

    Hi Amy, I just finished Talker and it is as I expected it to be. A beautiful story and completely different from the last one. I don't Know wen you find time to, but I am thankful your family give you time enough ( love your Blog, it's one of my
    Karin from Dresden

  8. ElaineG says:

    Nothing you write could ever have the chance "to suck"

    Now off to read Talker…..OMG! yay!

  9. Amy Lane says:

    Karin, Elaine– you guys are very sweet–Karin, I'm so glad you enjoyed it– and Elaine, I hope you like it as much as Karin did!

  10. DecRainK says:

    Literally just bought it off Dreamspinner and read it.

    I REALLY REALLY like it.
    Me wants more books :0)

    (it does NOT suck AT ALL)

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