Les Mis Filksong

So, when I posted this on FB I said, “I don’t know where it came from”. This might have been misleading if people thought I got it from somewhere else.

I mean, I wrote it, but I have no idea why.  Just popped into my head and thought I’d share.

So, y’all… do you hear the people sing?

*  *  *
To the tune of “When Tomorrow Comes” from the musical, Les Miserable:


Do you see the shit go boom
Followed by the pecs of lustful men
It is the vision of a culture
That will not be bored again
Hear the beating of your heart
And explosions like the sun
Dream of the heaving of hot guys
Who’re about to come!
Will you give an hour or so
To see a relationship advance
Some ships will sink and some will soar
Give AO3 just one more chance!
Gimme a hot guy and someone
Will get in his pants!!!
Do you see the shit go boom
And the hot guys running from the blast
They can’t outrun our ship
Not even Superman’s that fast!
When the fanning of a spark
Into the flames of hot guy’s sex
There’s not a canon fixed in stone
That our ship can’t wreck!

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