LGBTQ Pushback

So, for those of you who haven’t heard of Memories Pizza, don’t push that link.  It will only fucking depress you about the state of mankind and puckered evil white men who turn bigotry into law. If you want a slightly more optimistic version, press THIS link, because that gives the silver lining version, and that’s always nice, and that’s what I’m here to talk about.

The folks over at Diverse Reader  have decided to do something about the crowd-funding for bigotry, something positive, and I’m on board to help.

If you go to Diverse Reader you will find a rafflecopter for their giveaway, and links for THESE THREE CHARITIES: #Pizza4EqualityIndiana Youth Group and  Planting Peace.  All three of these charities are ways to push back against that act of hate by raising money for LGBTQ homeless charities.  

Now, the way this is supposed to work is that you donate the cost of a book– $5.00– to one of these charities, or ANY LGBTQ charity, and then comment on Diverse Reader and tell me — and leave your e-mail or some way to contact you.  On May 1st, they’ll match a reader(s) to me, and tell me who to send the book too. Now, notice I added an “s”.  If there are enough entries, I’ll add another e-book to the giveaway.  Be sure to add a way to contact you in the comments, okay?
Now the charities for Homeless Youth are particularly dear to my heart.  Having four “yutes” of my own, the idea of kicking a kid out of the house for something like a kiss (or sexual activity or a joint behind the bleachers, or anything short of criminal activity, really) is terrible and terrifying. It’s a violation of everything I know as a parent to abandon your children for what should be a natural part of growing up–and one of the worst evils I know.  So if you have another charity– the Ali Forney center, your own home homeless shelter or LGBTQ youth center– let us know in the comments, and link us if you can.  

I’ll re-posting the winners here when I find out who they are, be sure to check the blog on that date.  We’re working on the honor system here, and my readers are some of the most honorable people I know, so I’m not sweating it– thank you for all you do.

#ETA– okay, folks, my original directions were not quite accurate– I’ve amended them since so you may want to recheck them, okay?

0 thoughts on “LGBTQ Pushback”

  1. Unknown says:

    I'm so THRILLED to be doing this with you and 200 plus other authors! This ROX the CASBAH, girl! *FLYINGTACKLEHUGGLES!!*

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for participating in this wonderful fundraising campaign! I just donated to Planting Peace.

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  3. Amy Lane says:

    Kay guys! Make sure you enter in their rafflecopter! (I am not great at contests or directions– I may edit this post again to make it more clear. *headdesk* My apologies for any confusion!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    I did the bit over on the other website, but I thought it might make you happy to know I donated $50 to OutTexas, which provides scholarships to LGBTQ kids. Just because you asked, Amy. And because that pizza thing was fucked up.

  5. Amy Lane says:

    It makes me ENORMOUSLY happy to know–thank you so much. And yeah, that pizza thing was seriously fucked up.

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