Lookit Lookit Lookit!

Okay–I’ll admit it–I’m really excited about this. Floyd, the guy who gave the interview gave me a VERY helpful list of things to look for while I’m proofreading…I mean, I’m so grateful to him, I may have to knit him something. And I’d like to seriously thank my buddy at work who took that picture in the last ten minutes of lunch for no other reason than that I asked him to. And I’d like to thank whoever first said that last answer I gave–it’s been bothering me, because I submitted the interview and thought, “Wait…have I heard that before? Did I get that from somewhere? It seems familiar…but I can’t place it, and now it feels like I thought of it.” But other than that, I’m pretty sure the rest of the answers are all me. As long as I wasn’t taken over by aliens.

Anyway–here it is… and suddenly, my links are gone. I just looked up to add the link…and…crap. All gone. Here–I’ll give you guys the url, and then, when I figure out how to link it, I’ll make it easier for you.


Anyway, it’s the closest thing to famous I’ll ever be.

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  1. That’s AWESOME! Good answers! I don’t know if you borrowed that last answer or not, but it’s a great one! And C did a GREAT job on your photo! You look radiant!

  2. Great interview. I think you look very nice. You are famous. You’ve said you’ve gotten fan mail.

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