Low Tech, High Drama

I know some of you all can do the random number generator (ahem, Julie!) but I went low tech, printed out your comments, ripped them into separate slips with your names on them, folded them into little pieces, and had the Cave Troll fish one out of a shoe box. The Cave Troll was thrilled–he got to help! And allergicmom, you should be thrilled too, because you won!!!!!

Go ahead and e-mail me at amylaneATgreenshillDOTcom, and I can get your address to send you a big box of… well, It’ll probably have the Noro (which inspired a literal feeding frenzy!), and possibly have books, and maybe some more fun stuff thrown in for color, and you can bet I’ll have fun assembling all that! (As I was reading the comments and ripping up the slips, I actually got a little thought bubble for pretty much everybody–it was fun. It was like practicing giving gifts–I totally enjoyed myself.)

And about the book signing–

As far as I know, it will be from 12:30–2:00 at the Borders Express in the Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights, CA. I do plan to call Susan, the nice lady (manager!) at the store to confirm. (I have a secret fear that she’ll realize I’m self-published and have to cancel, in which case I know you’ll all help me dry my tears and buck up.) The inestimable Lady in Red asked if I get to talk–Lordy, I’d love to, but most of the book signings I’ve seen feature the author sitting sedately, in a dignified manner, behind a table stacked with books. I’m thinking I might not be that sedate–I tend to stand up and bob and weave a lot, and I am used to talking to crowds, so hopefully I won’t let nerves color the true me. Hopefully, it’ll really happen.

Drop me a line, allergicmom–I’m looking forward to shipping that out!

0 thoughts on “Low Tech, High Drama”

  1. Congrats allergicmom!

    Too bad I live so far away for the book signing.

  2. roxie says:

    Hugs and kisses to Chicken! And hooray to the Cave Troll for getting to help. Wish I could come to the signing.

  3. My friend Laurie does book signings a lot and they always have her read something and then do a bit of commentary and Q&A type stuff. I was wondering if they wouldn’t do the same with you. It’s always more fun when you get to hear the author’s work in their voice and then hear their thoughts and opinions on it. Hopefully, you get to. It’d be loads more fun than sitting.

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Yayayaay for Allericmom! and Yayayaay for Amy and the book signing!

  5. Em says:

    It would be great if you could read a couple of excerpts, sneak in a few naughty passages! Don’t put bad thoughts out into the universe about this signing. It will come to be, and it will be marvelous. How can it not, since it’s you? And we’re all rooting for you. I wish I had the plane fair to get out to the West Coast to be at the signing. You’ll have to blog it extensively for us foreign-correspondent readers.

  6. Galad says:

    What you really need is a webcast so we could all take part 🙂 Maybe someday. . .

    You definitely need to be able to read, move around, interact. Sitting sedately behind a table just doesn’t seem right. I like Em’s suggestion on the reading 🙂

  7. wenat says:


    Yes, I’m a little stunned, and grateful. My address is on its way to you, and THANK YOU very much!

  8. How far away is the book signing from Edwards California? I would love to try to come to your book signing:)Hugs Darcy

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