Lunch Time With All of You…

It’s official. I’m overwhelmed. I looked at my last post, chuckled a little, and then realized–it’s not funny. With the exception of the knitting, I still have to do ALL OF THAT in the next seventeen days. And really, who wants to skimp on the knitting?

The good news is, the book is READY for submission tonight–and I’m getting tremendously excited. I sort of missed out on the excitement part when I was done the first time–it was like, “Oh, well, yeah, but it’s not REALLY done because I have to finish Part II.” Except, well–Part I ain’t bad! I should take some time and celebrate Part I! And I plan to. I”m going to knit! (Those fingerless mitt’s for Chicken are almost done!)

Yesterday was the Big T’s Birthday–I don’t have photos for you, because, well, a bunch of teenagers sitting in your living room playing video games are just not that exciting. But T, bless his social heart, really does not have time to get together with his friends and ‘hang’–and he LOVES video games. Of course, this too is an example of mom dropping the ball–I had no candles for T to blow out! He ended up blowing out the Cave Troll’s #4 candle instead–I so totally suck, but T didn’t mind. I love that kid! (Of course I love him anyway, but, seriously, how cool is that?) Anyway, my sister brought one of her sons–the other one was sick–and we had a nice visit. Actually, this is a fairly rare occurrence–we never get a chance to chat, and it was, you know, almost like a new blogging buddy, it was so much fun to talk to her! I’d forgotten non-hostile adult conversation–WOW!!!

And speaking of conversation, this is how bad it gets during the holiday season–me, and my second period. Only one of us will remain standing:

Me: “I need you guys to be quiet…”

THem: “Man, we weren’t even that loud…”
“Yeah, she doesn’t want us to stop talking–she wants
us to stop breathing!”

Me: “You’re damn right, and when you turn blue and fall out of
your seats, you’re doing it right, now get to work.”

On the plus side–11 more days to go.
On the minus side–21 more days of work to squeeze into that amount of time.

You guys will have SO much fun watching my head explode!!!

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  1. Bells says:

    BREATHE AMY! That’s an order.

    The No 4 candle bit cracked me up.

  2. Happy belated B-day to Big T!

    Maybe you should wrap your head in duct tape, so when it explodes you have all the pieces. (hugs)

    My word verification: pnwrl (it’s Norwegian Purl, short hand)

  3. Galad says:

    Can we have Chicken take pictures of your exploding head? That will save you blogging time one day so you have more time to knit 🙂
    I loved the #4 candle too. I’m sure that Big T will remember that his mom let him have his friends over to play video games.
    Hang in there – your making good progress.

  4. NeedleTart says:

    Hmmmm…I used the same reasoning with the 4th grade bus line. “Fine. Hold your breath until you turn blue. Just sit down first so you won’t fall so far.”

  5. Donna Lee says:

    I once had to use a pillar candle and held it up for the birthday girl to blow out because I forgot real birthday candles. I have not lived it down and get to relive it every time someone has a birthday. It’s just one more family legend. We all suck sometimes.

  6. Catie says:

    Happy belated birthday T! It sounds like videogames were a good idea. How is that much different than girls with a movie and sleep over (perhaps with nail painting). There is the interaction with others and stuff to fill silences. You really seem like a wonderful mom and teacher. Sometimes students need to be spoken to in a way that makes them realize that they are being ridculous. You did good Amy

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