Made. Of. Sleep.

So, my neck has been ungodly sore these last few days–I’d say it’s the result of all the driving but I think what it really is has been all the reading I’ve been doing. Something about the angle at which I hold my head when I’m reading off my phone tends to fuck my neck right up.

*sigh* It figures something I love to do without calories or consequences is still bad for me.

Anyway– the little kids are pretty snarky because we were gone. I think next time we leave we need to leave them with grandma. I get no snark when grandma supervises, that’s all I’m saying.

Also– I bought a watermelon last week that I sliced up last night for dinner. Was good tonight too. I didn’t expect that, and I will forever think of watermelon as the gift that keeps on giving.

Took two naps today–both went way longer than I expected, and I think I’ll probably fall asleep a little early tonight. Damn. I mean, damn. I don’t know how Mate can even function. (Of course, he went to sleep about two hours before me for the last two nights, so maybe that’s how.)

Also– took the assholes for a walk this morning, and they were SO. HAPPY. But one of the things I need to remember as it gets hotter and hotter, is something I just saw on the net. It said if you can’t hold the back of your hand to the sidewalk for the count of five because it’s too hot, then it’s too hot to walk your dogs. This is a good thing to remember before you embark on a little trek, because their little paws can be so tender!

Have been watching American Gods, and it’s going right up there with Legion for world’s most trippy show that I adore with all my heart. Just… the gorgeously designed production, the way they both play with symbolism to totally fuck with your mind… oh my God!  Television has gotten SO MUCH BETTER than it was when I was a kid.


And that’s about it–I’m going to aim for another 1000 words and then go see how much sleep I can get, and whether or not it does nice things for my neck when I get it.

Fingers crossed!


And the cover?

Well, I’ve been saying the werewolf stories will be re-released in October. This is the cover for the second one (done first, because) and I’m just so in love with Teague all over again. *sigh*

Which reminds me– Quickening V.2 is out on June 13th– so, you know. Don’t forget. Because I left part one in SUCH a good place, right?

*laughs evilly all the way to bed*

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