So, I’m a sucker for clickbait.

I am- I mean, it wouldn’t be an internet thing if a lot of us weren’t, would it?

And I was on a clickbait site about the paranormal yesterday when I accidentally clicked something I shouldn’t have.

I fell asleep knitting while I was waiting for Mate to deal with it.  I finally got to bed, and he dragged himself in an hour later, after having erased and rebooted my web browsers– and paid for and downloaded some virus protection above and beyond our usual.

He said the most insidious thing about this particular virus was that it had cloned a fake Google– every time I used my web browser, it took me to a lookalike and I used that to find my stuff– and gather my info.

I was lucky yesterday– I was actually not on the computer that long– I mean, long enough to visit the clickbait site, but mostly, I was dealing with real world bullshit, and then working out and taking the kids to dance. I was going to do most of my work last night.

So, today, besides a massive, not fun kink in my neck, I’ve got a total fear of clickbait sites now, which is too bad, because I get a lot of inspo from the stuff I find there. (And from real life and from research and, sometimes, from internally editing the copy because some of them are AWFUL) and I also have a vague sense of embarrassment.

I mean, paranormal firefighters.  I always assumed that if I gave my computer a bug, I’d get it from porn.

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