Mate takes Manhattan

Okay– I saw great things today, and talked to great people as always, but, as you have all probably noticed, my heart lies with my family, and my Mate.

So, Mate flew in to see me wear the pretty dress (which he brought!) and to sit with me at the RITA’s, and you know what? Everybody who met him thought he was the world’s best spouse. I could have told them that, but something about having him show up and hang out in the Marriott overlooking Times Square did all my talking for me.

So he arrived, Rayna and I took him across the street to Junior’s, and then I took him on a walk. We saw Times Square proper, Broadway, and Rockefeller Center–and he was charmed.

Tired, but charmed.

So yes– writing business was done and great conversations were had– but I’m going to leave you with Mate.

Best. Mate. Ever.

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