Mate’s Favorite Things

Movies–ALL movies, he has no particular favorites. In my memory, I only remember him NOT watching four or five movies to the end.

But he does have a few favorites, movies or television shows he’ll stop anything for, stay up late for, tape and watch over and over again.   
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Sleepless In Seattle

Hidden Figures

Apollo 13

The Right Stuff

Say Anything

Major League

The Fifth Element

The Princess Bride




Bob’s Burgers


Rick and Morty

I am not quite like my Mate.
I love movies– some movies.
Mate likes Paul Thomas Anderson Movies.
They creep me out.
Mate likes Rick and Morty and Bob’s Burgers.

When I was a kid, I was forced to watch Heavy Metal and Wizards and Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat in the theater. 
They totally freaked me out. Sadly, I’m not a fan of grownup cartoons, animated blood, vomit, or semen. 
There, I said it.
I feel better.
But I too have some movies that I can watch again and again and again…
Say Anything

The Princess Bride

A Knight’s Tale

Last of the Mohicans

The 13th Warrior


Die Hard 1, 3 & 4


Men in Black

Independence Day




Hidden Figures

Out of Sight

Ocean’s 11

Logan Lucky

Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2

All 3 of the Star Trek reboots

Fifth Element

Midsomer Mysteries


Mate will put up with almost all of my movies and shows–except Supernatural. It sends him into the other room.
I haven’t seen any of the last two seasons. This makes me want to cry.
But the thing is, they’re close.
Not exact.
But close enough.
He favors more romance.
I favor more shit go boom.
He’ll watch Newt Scamander’s Fierce Creatures and Where to Find Them a dozen times and I can watch it to keep him company. I’ll watch 1-7 of the Harry Potter movies at any time and he’ll do the same.
I only mention this because there does come a time in your lives when your happiness depends on what you can do at the same time, in the same place, while in the house together.
It doesn’t matter that I’m knitting and he’s writing soccer e-mails–
What matters is that we can deal with the same TV while we’re doing it.
It’s something nobody tells you in romance books or relationship books. TV (or books or movies or music or other quiet domestic things like exercising together or walking the dogs or going beer tasting) can make the difference. 
And eventually, I will talk him and the kids into watching the next two seasons of Supernatural. 
Cause, you know. Winchester brothers. There it is.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Reading this post as we are perusing the Netflix list. Blueman likes war movies, sci fi and documentaries. My portion of the list, he proudly showed me tonight. Animated features. All of them. Apparently in his world, if there are no guns, spaceships or gritty cold hard truths of real life, then cartoons fill the void. Just had to share!
    -a fellow yarn enthusiast

  2. Michelle says:

    Funny, I'm reading this post while perusing Netflix with Blueman. He likes war movies, sci fi and documentaries. He has added movies for me. As he proudly shows me the ones "for me" I note they are animated. All of them. Apparently in his world when it comes to his wife's picks, if there are no guns, spaceships or other facets of true life then the only thing left would be full length cartoons!
    -a fellow yarn enthusiast

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