Okay– I pronounce it “me-mes” and my family pronounces it “meemzz” but either way you slice it, they’re a fun way to communicate.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen a few, uhm, ME-memes– fans, supposed friends, that sort of thing, have made some memes for ME. Add to that a contest (that I still need to judge) in which people tried to amuse me with memes, and my own restless internet feed and, well…

I know what I’m doing when I’m sick.

Enjoy the ME-memes.

I know I did.

This first one was made by Rhae, who answered that age old question, “Where do all the mismatched socks go?”

These next were sent to me by my Italian fans– bless you all. I love how they saw Deacon and Crick, don’t you?

I have NO idea where I found this one– but I adore it so much.  It was on my phone, so if anyone knows the attribution, I’d be happy to post it!

This one was… well, painfully true. And I always loved that witch.

 This one was on the contest that I held on FB yesterday (as was the one above, I think) and I just felt so bad for that little pug. Poor little rotter will never get to ride a broom.

I’d like to thank Rhae, my FB buddy for this one…

This one was just… well, also true!

 Friend sent me this one. Also true.

Thanks, Mary my Mary. Thanks a lot.

And whoever came up with this one? It’s like you live in my kitchen. Get out. Get out now. You’re not doing any of the cleaning and I suspect you’re eating my cookies.
Now I’m taking two Nyquil and going to bed. Actually, I should probably take two NyQuil while IN bed. That’s probably safer. Night!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Yes,my beloved Amy…Now YOU can have the Wisdom of the Ages with a 5 second gulp of Tarnation Insta-Snark! Love ya'!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I sent you the manatee. A long time ago.


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