Men with hats and beards…

So, on Friday night the whole family watched this video: 

And I have to say I am inspired to write a post through my dogs’ POV.  (If you watch the video you’ll see where I got the title 🙂
Dear Diary–
Today we went to the big open place.  This was both frightening and exhilarating. Frightening because there were many, many men with hats and beards roaming free, and our humans would not allow us to interfere with their roaming. Exhilarating because we got to poop in the open, with no yelling. Ah. Pooping on the lawn with no yelling is the best. We save extra poop for that.
Dear Diary–
Our Dearest Human is the benevolent provider of what she calls “magic treats”.  We confess that we are shameless hoores for these “magic treat” and debase ourselves to our lowest forms in order to procure them. Heh heh heh–I, being taller than Small Dog, often get more of the deliciousness for myself. Small Dog is learning to jump though. She may someday steal my treats. I shall curl up and growl in anticipation of that day.
Dear Diary–
The big hairy Dearest Human picked me up today with a long, hard platform in his hand. I think it was a bed. Hairy Dearest Human is considerate that way. I laid immediately on the bed and fell asleep in his arms. He said he’d never be able to “read” the bed that way. Silly human… beds are for zzzzzzzzzzzzz….
Dear Diary–
The evil cat ran from us today.  Heh heh heh… I can almost believe he does that on purpose to make our lives happier.  We did not catch him, as usual.
Life is good.
Dear Diary–
We once again stole cat kibble from the garage. The outside cat seems to fear us, and we do our best to live up to her reputation as mighty and powerful gods. 
Then we totally steal all her food and crap in her happy place.
Because we’re gods like that.
Dear Diary–
Our favoritest human, the one who worships the minor glowing box, refuses to go to bed when we are ready. We hide in her shirt and lick about her ankles to no avail. This vexes us, because if she does not sleep, we do not sleep. There are schedules to be maintained. If she does not go to bed at the same time the other humans in the house do, who will let us out to poop.  Tonight we shall try shaming her with soulful looks, and willing her to yawn faster.
We shall keep you apprised. 
Love, Geoffie and Johnnie, two very, very tired dogs

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  1. Unknown says:

    See? Funny is not hard, Amy. Funny is real. Because life is simply hysterical when we stop taking ourselves so seriously! Flying tackle hugs….from one who is currently brokering a peace accord between runt cat and Mighty Little Dog…on my desk!

  2. ShirleyAnn says:

    What a fab video so funny and so true we do seem to bewilder our pets.

  3. I love Z.E. Frank's videos. I chuckle about them for hours afterwards. Steve Cash's Talking Kitty ones are hilarious as well. Johnny's and Geoffie's diaries are da bomb. Hope you have a great week!

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