Okay– so, mortification.

You know that terrible feeling that a stranger just saw your unmentionables? You walk out of the bathroom, your skirt’s in your pantyhose, you’re on your period, and the whole world just got a doubleshot of your least favorite view of yourself?

Yeah. That.

So, Squish was sick last night– twice. And there was the whole refrigerator dying before Thanksgiving and at the end of soccer. And Mate was in the middle of doing a room cleansing–still in progress–for Squish so we can have some use out of her bedroom and it’s not just full of crap and she can’t get to her clothes. Zoom boy was cleaning HIS room too–and it needed to be clean because… ew. And I was folding clothes for the first time in months. And I’d been sick too.

And I don’t keep house for shit.

Okay–let’s be real. That last one’s the most important, but all the other stuff helped too.

So, the new refrigerator was delivered today– sort of.  (This all relates, trust me.)

And the guys arrived just as I started clearing a rather complicated path through the utterly destroyed house.  BUT (and this is important) while it looks like we’re in the middle of a hurricane, the fact is, most of our detritus is modular– we know it is–and we know how to move it. Yes, yarn boxes/lego tables abound–but they are easily stacked.  And yes, the couch was in the way, but Squish can lift it– so, yes. We looked disorganized–and certainly slovenly, but, well, we weren’t on our game.

Anyway, the guys arrived, took one look at the chaos, and said, “We can’t do it.”

Mate said, “Dudes, by the time you get the refrigerator to the back door and we remove the door, we’ll have a path.”

They said, “We can’t do it.”  (And Big T and I were clearing a path while this was going on.)

Mate said, “Just get it to the back and look!”

Well, they got it to the back– and we had a path. And they said, “We can’t do it.”

And Mate said, “The hell you can’t– look–I can do it.”

They said, “We’re already late. We’ll have to come back.”

Mate said, “Well you can come back and collect the old refrigerator which we’ll have outside, because I’m going to do it, because you guys are full of shit.”

They said, “It can’t be done.”

I was mortified a little.

Yes, I was.

Because my house was a shambles and it was literally too dirty to deliver the refrigerator.

Except it wasn’t.

And Mate stood up for us, and said, “Disorganized, yes, but we’re not hoarders, and it can be done.”

And he did it.  He rented a dolly, and he and T moved it in themselves, and moved the old one out, and it’s done.  (And our floor is much cleaner now 😀

I complained to Mate.

I said, “I’m so embarrassed about the house…”

And Mate  said,

“What a bunch of fuckin’ pussies.”

I know–the house was a mess, and I should be embarrassed–but can I tell you how dead sexy he was in that moment?


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  1. Unknown says:

    Yep! Mate rocks, and the delivery guys can go suck outer space. Hugs all around!

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