Miracles and Whatnot

 Omg–I’m surprised I haven’t told you all this already.

We cured the dog.

Okay–she wasn’t sick, but I’m telling you, hauling that barking pack of Chi-who-whats through the park or through the neighborhood was starting to really wear at me. And we were the most hated dogs at the park. I mean, THE most hated dogs at the park. The lady with the boxer still curses our name whenever she sees us.

And then one day, I remembered the purple squirt bottle.

It’s not much–small, meant for hair, fits in the hand. I bought it for this specific purpose, but I kept forgetting it and never used it and then, one day, I remembered it.

I swear, It took three squirts, maybe four, and suddenly…

We went from a rabid clatter of furry house demons to a… well, they’re still the Chihuahua mafia, and they’re still trying to carry out a hit on me and make my death look like an accident, BUT they haven’t enlisted anymore homeowners or park walkers into their nefarious scheme.

In short? 

They all shut the hell up.

I’m boggled. 

I’m baffled.



Oh my God. Walking at the park is a joy again. I’m so happy. 

I haven’t abused it, either. In fact, today I FORGOT IT. But it didn’t matter. Literally a couple of squirts and Ginger and Carl have just remembered to shut the hell up.

It’s blissful.

For the record? Geoffie? 

Has not. 

She thinks the water is just a happy little break from routine. Looks around, smiles, keeps on barking. But she still runs toward friends and rolls over to her back and exposes her stomach. I mean, Geoffie.

So there you go. A miracle. They’re rare, but very satisfying.

And as for the whatnot?

I’m currently teaching my Crafting Category series in two places–one live, through the local junior college outreach, and one online, through the Paranormal Romance Guild. It’s been a while since I gave classes–I’m sort of tickled. I gave my first live one in about two years, today, and they were super appreciative. I was so happy!

So, miracles and whatnot. 

You can’t count on them, but they sure are nice when they happen.

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