Moar Puppies!

Okay, so we went to visit the puppy again (and Sam and his delightful family!) and two things came of this.

A.  Johnny thinks the puppies are TERRIFYING.  He ran away, shook like a leaf, and yipped and snapped.  I’m a little worried about this, but we think if we keep introducing him to the puppies and nothing bad happens, maybe he’ll chill.


B. The kids decided we should name the puppy– a girl– Geoff.  So that way, our animals would be Gordie, Steve, Johnny, and Geoff.  Can’t you just see them?  All going off to work in the firm from Office Space, wearing their pocket protectors and their polyester shirts and ties?  Hey! Who’re those guys?  Gordie, Steve, Johnny, and Geoff!  Damn– Gordie and Steve seem to sleep a lot, and that Johnny guy is high strung.  And really, does Geoff sleep with everybody?


And that way, I’d get up, drop the kids off, and spend another day at the office.

*choke* *giggle* *snort*

Best. Running Joke. Ever.  

* And in other news, Imma whine just a minute ’cause I’ve been feeling sorta blech.  I pinched a nerve in my shoulder last weekend, which meant I spent four days screaming “DON’T TOUCH ME!” and dosing heavy with the motrin, and now my stomach is curling in on itself and whimpering, “Lining… I used to have lining… wonderful stuff… protected from acid, kept me warm, helped me digest, NO FOR CHRIST’S SAKE NO MORE MOTRIN!!”

So, yanno.  There’s that.  *whine* *whimper*  *whinge*  So now I’m done.

*  Anyway– do notice the hot guy and the add for the DSP books on — and definitely notice that Beneath the Stain is one of them.  I always get a kick of seeing my books on banners like that… feels so official, yanno?  (And no.  It never gets old.  Neither does signing the contract, getting the box of author copies, seeing my cover art, or signing anything for readers.  Never.  Not once have I thought, “Oh, gees, I wish I didn’t have to sign, open, look at, or epigraph… that’s just boring.”  Not once.  Always new, always happy, always awesome.  And now you know.)  So this is fun too!

*  One of the reasons we’re putting off bringing the puppy home is that we’re spending Thanksgiving in a very unusual place this year… DISNEYLAND.  Yeah.  Had to throw that in there.  Cause.  DISNEYLAND!  Anyway– for anyone following Nano, should I check out completely that last week in November?  Now you know why.  DISNEYLAND.

*  And oh… did you notice the cover reveal?  I noticed the cover reveal… wasn’t it an awesome cover?  Seriously!  Paul Richmond watercolored this (with some help from some pictures I sent him) and this is my sweet, adorable, heart-tugging  Christmas novella that will be out at the beginning of December.

I am so happy.  The next time you see this cover, it’s gonna be with a link, but in the meantime, PUPPY!!!!!!  

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