Monday’s Report Card

Getting up early this morning after getting in so late last night: F-

Meeting Mate for a quick McD’s breakfast while he was getting his car serviced: C  (If we’d gone somewhere besides McD’s, it would have been a B. If we’d managed a quickie, A.)

Getting to aqua late because I “lost time” in the middle of the dressing for the gym process: C-

Short nap after aqua and before picking up ZB– C+  A LONG nap would have gotten an A.

Not having any place to put my Yaoi-Con stash– F-, along with the house which is desperate for cleaning.

ZB’s tale of his wayward English grade, D+, for obvious reasons.

Premiere Week: A  — at last, something to look forward to!

Not having enough room on the DVR to watch At Midnight– D-  Love that show!

Scorpion– B+

Minority Report– B-, until Wilmer Valderama walked in. Then it was an A.

Castle–B +

Squish making sure I got a hug and a kiss before bed–Solid A.

Mate being gone until almost 11 so we can watch Castle together–C-.

Dogs needing to sleep on me while I knit and watch television–C+.

Only getting 2K done today– B-.

Having to wait until December for Winter Ball to come out– C—

Being almost 90K into Selfie– Solid B.

Twitter Snark tonight– A-.

Getting to spend a night at home with the fam, solid A+

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