Moon/Fish tomorrow! I promise!

So, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, which is usually an excuse to drink beer and party, but we’re not really party people, right?

But the big kids have a new roommate–and the girls are trying to find a two bedroom of their own so they don’t have to room with two icky boys, and the new guy is trying to find a job and a car and do it while sleeping on the couch–

And I asked them all over for corned beef and cabbage today.

No, the house wasn’t pristine.

No, the food wasn’t super involved. Four corned beef briskets cooked in the insta-pot, (two at a time, with beer) and boiled new potatoes and something I’ll call brain cabbage for lack of a better word. Mate went shopping and the regular stuff was all gone. All that was left was… I don’t know… Kalebage? Cabuce? Lale?”  I have no idea what this vegetable was, but it wasn’t the standard tough-as-plastic green cabbage that I’ve learned to love chopped in my salads and steamed with enough butter to choke a horse.

Each individual leaf of this cabbage was imprinted with little… cells. And it tasted different. But it wasn’t lettuce, wasn’t kale, wasn’t cabbage. It was some unholy wedded monstrosity–it was the result of a polyamorous coupling of blasphemous green vegetables, and if it hadn’t been so sweet after it was steamed, I’d denounce it as an abomination. As it is, I’ll have to microwave the leftovers with a bit of butter and garlic salt, because you really can’t go wrong there.

Anyway– we had potato chips, and played Jackbox and watched a movie and it was a blast.

But it didn’t give me a lot of time to work. (And yesterday… ugh. Let’s just say I excavated the clean laundry until we reached the early fall strata which is where all our favorite summer clothes were, and leave it at that.)

So, I’m off to make more words–but I hope you all had a lovely weekend too. If nothing else I hope some of you got to open your doors and windows–spring is sneaking in.

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