More captions– RT17 Wrap up–and a yarn store!

So the pictures are on automatic random– which means we’re going from parts of Thursday night to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in just any order ever!

If it helps, the 20’s party was Th, the awards were Friday, and the signing and Fantastic Day party were Saturday.

And the yarn store and lunch with my publishers–who double as dear friends–was Sunday.


Enough talk!

Let’s look at pictures!

Meg Tilly (Sara Flynn) and Mike Stevens, the hosts for the RT Awards Ceremony

Ilona Andrews (Which is Ilona and Andrew!)

Sonali Dev, who is stunning, gracious, and whose acceptance speech packed a hell of a punch.

Eddie the Yarn Store Dog, who gave me my Geoffie fix for the week! 
Gecko Pliskin and Escape From Oregon!  (Also, out on July 1st!)

The table scarf my stepmom made me, which will figure LARGE in a picture further down.

Okay, so I know you’ve seen the dress before in a previous picture when I was dressed for a semi-formal for the Keith Milano benefit. But –wait for it–I MOVED THE HEADBAND, and now I’m dressed for the Roaring 20’s party.

Pretty cool right?

So Felicia, a reader, dropped this in my lap during the Apples to Apples event on Thursday and said, “Here! I won this in my last event! I think Squish needs it!”  Squish agrees.

E.J. Russell–who is wonderful– asked for a picture because I was dressed up and didn’t look like a troll.
And yet my ID persists.

The Karen Rose posse–Karen! Martin! Caitlin! And Amy!  All ready to go into Awards Ceremony action!

This is Sherrilyn Kenyon. Yes. THAT Sherrilyn Kenyon. And she’s letting me take this picture. After I showed her my tattoos. Gonna go fangirl myself to sleep now. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

So, after I embarrassed myself over Sherrilyn Kenyon, I talked to Meg Tilly–yes, THAT Meg Tilly–And Cecilia Tan, yes, THAT Cecilia Tan– for twenty minutes about archetypes.


And they listened.

Because they’re kind women who are gentle to escaped inmates from the insane asylum.

Bless them both.

So, remember that table scarf?

Yes. It’s PERFECT. And it looks awesome. THANKS MOM!!!!

This is ZAM across from me, goddess love her. She took a MUCH BETTER picture of me as I sat at my table. Dammit, I know we have the same phone–I need to learn how to use it!  Also, She’s sitting next to Cathy Maxwell, yes, THAT Cathy Maxwell who won the award. 

This is Emilia who gave me the yarn. Her dress is made of pinup boys and she is delightful in every way known to man or woman.

I adore her.

This picture is of me and Paul Woodson/Phillip Alces, one of my voice narrators who stuck around to meet the authors he represented.


He and his wife were the nicest people. I wanted to have lunch with them and get to know them and be besties.

Had to settle for this picture, but guys–believe me. He’s just as sweet in person as he sounds like on the audio.

Martin and Karen pose for me after the FAN-tastic Day Party, which was DUDE very intense.

I had to use my teacher voice.

It was scary.

But Martin and Karen fed me and made me laugh, and Caitlin, Karen’s assistant was also amazing and sweet.

Thanks guys!

So– my DSP family. Connie, Anne, Ariel, Elizabeth, and our prodigal daughter, Trish (J.P. Barnaby) and her sweetheart who was kind and funny, Paul.

I could not love them more.

And this is from the yarn crawl.


YARN CRAWL. (Yarn for Ewe, in Atlanta!)

And this is sort of a neat shot of the Hyatt, which I will be leaving tomorrow.

I will be so glad to be home.

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  1. E.J. Russell says:

    You NEVER look like a troll, and I always beg for a picture because fangirl. <3 Was wonderful chatting with you!

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