More Parenting Fails

*  This afternoon Big T asked me if we had any dish soap. I told him no, I’d get him some tomorrow. Two hours later I got mad because the dishes weren’t done.


*  Squish has had to do laps in soccer because we’re three minutes late. A part of me thinks this is draconian and you shouldn’t do this to nine year olds. Another part of me is wondering how I can get away with not talking to the people I’m usually talking to at 4:30 when I need to get her ready for soccer.  The other part of me remembers when my parents made me late for band and I had to do laps and I swore they were horrible people.

Ah, karma. It’s a bitch.

*  Zoomboy is doing very well in math, but he has lost his school agenda. Because he’s my spawn, that’s why. And because I wait until the traffic clears to go pick him up. And because… because he’s MINE, and I LOSE SHIT and I’m SORRY!

Oh my God– could I possibly recall my part of the gene pool? It’s not good for them– it’s just not!

*  Chicken got a flat tire. Apparently neither Mate nor myself taught her how to change a flat tire. I could have sworn Mate did it. He was like, “I just ran out of time…”

Story of my fucking life.

*  Y’all? I’m DYING for Fanfic Friday. Just saying. I’d really love to be somebody new!

*  And as a side note, I just lost two minutes after typing that last sentence– I’m not sure, but I think maybe sleep would be a great thing for all of us. God. Soccer season. Thirteen years down, eight and a half to go.

*  Oh, and the .gif?  I uploaded that for a FB contest, and you know what? It makes me laugh, and I really needed that laugh.

Heh heh… get it? Pie!

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