More resting…

OKay– I must have totally maxed out my potential to work, because I not only skipped a day blogging, but I completely spaced some other obligations that I committed to this weekend.

pbblllbbtttt… who needs ’em! (Okay–I say that? Truth to tell, we all know I’m going to be up at whee-hoo in the morning, getting this shit done, right?)

Anyway, Mate and I saw a movie last night– Green Zone. It was an awesome military thriller, but… (and it’s a big ‘but’) it’s gonna piss you off. I don’t care WHICH side your political affiliations rest with, it’s gonna piss you off. It’s been getting great reviews, but I think the box office has been pretty poor for exactly that reason–the movie hurts, there’s just no two ways about it. But if you can divorce yourself from that? It was pretty awesome.

And then, this morning, the whole fam damily went to see How To Train Your Dragon. This movie is so freakin’ awesome–just seven buckets plus three of awesome. I loved it. Would see it again in 3-D. Seriously– enjoy!

Squishy made herself adorable the other day–I was reading (!!!–see? See how decadent I’ve become?) a romance book that featured a bulldog on the cover. (It also featured two naked male chests mashing together–I’m a perv–you’re all aware.) Anyway, as I’m reading Edward Unconditionally, Squish climbs up on my lap and looks at the cover judiciously.

“I don’t *love* that dog,” she said with some consideration.

“You don’t love Winston?” I asked, wondering why. He’s a bulldog of the so-ugly-he’s-frickin’-adorable variety.

“Mmm…no,” she decided. “No–he looks like he’d be wet.”


“Yes. He’d drool a lot. I don’t like that.”

I laughed to myself–and then hit the e-mail romance group with a missive to Lynn Lorenz–the writer of the book. She told me that she would keep the information to herself–we didn’t want to hurt Winston’s feelings.

We also met (accidentally, at the movies) the girl that Big T has been crushing on for months and months and months.

She was ADORABLE. And not in the “she’s so out of my son’s league” way–she was wholesome and sweet, and her face just Lit. Up. when she saw Big T. I’d been worried–he’s had crushes before, and has been, well, crushed. I have the feeling that even if T isn’t her crush, she’s at least a sweet enough kid not to squash him to the ground, and given the uncertainty of turning your kids loose on an indifferent world, that’s really the best you can ask.

What really cracked me up though, is that she introduced T to her mother and her brother (who seemed to have a disability–I think it made her a little more open to T) and he introduced her to his two sisters and his littler brother… and… completely ignored his father and I who were watching in bemusement from mere feet away.

Oh yeah. I gave him a ration of shit about it.

My little giant of a250 lb. blackbelt– he’s growing up.

Oh yeah… and this weekend, I put my writing into some perspective for Mate.

I asked him how it felt to know that thinking about sex was now a professional obligation for me. I sorta think it turned him on… well, good for us. AFter nearly 21 years, it’s good to know something does.

0 thoughts on “More resting…”

  1. Chris says:

    LOL about the "professional obligation"!

  2. roxie says:

    Hooray for Big T. A nice girl who makes him forget he has parents. (Maybe it's a male thing – he can introduce only the closest 3 people at one time.)

    Reading the genre you write is not decadence. It's research. It's WORK!!

    I'm with Squish. Bulldogs do tend to drool a lot.

    Your mate is a lucky boy!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Sorry, you weren't in T's line of sight. Therefore, you didn't exist in that space/time.

    At least he has good taste and falls for nice girls.

  4. DecRainK says:

    How To Train Your Dragon IS freakin awesome. I wanna go see it again too!

    Good luck to Big T 🙂

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