Mostly dead all day…

Ugh! You know that thing when you get home from a trip and every airborne virus in  the airplane has attacked your lungs and you’re spiking a fever and at 102 you don’t make any sense but at 100.2 you can’t stand your own stench but you know if you get in the shower and wash your (ugh) hair, you’ll spike a fever again?



I cannot tell you the number of things I have to do.

I mean everything from being Art  Docent next week to buying stuff for Squish’s birthday to shopping for Easter… all of it… all of it needs to be done in the next week, and besides taxiing the kids to and from school, my other big accomplishment is to get out of bed to pee.

And I was going to get a new computer, too.  And clean the house. And finish the novella that is, at present, not close to done and due TOMORROW.

And walking the dogs would have been a nice touch too.

Anyway– my one bright spot (besides my beautiful Squishie, who laid down next to me and read quietly when I was feeling punk, and thus made me feel better emotionally when my body was not doing so hot) is that Phonebook is out.

It’s a short– 6K?  At most. It was written a lot like my fanfic stories are written–not as a submission, but to please Gloria Lakritz– who said that she would read anything I wrote, even the phonebook–as well as Elizabeth North and Lynn West–who were so pleased they put it up for sale on the DSP website. When the rights came up for renewal, I asked if we could just put it out there as a free short, and they were kind enough to say yes.  The first book in the series– Shirt, which has, heretofore, only been found in the now out-of-print Curious anthology–will be out in May, and then the only story left in the series is Puppy, Car, and Snow.  This story has sentimental value to me in that it’s one of my firsts, and that it was written purely to revisit Scotty and Ryan again. After Puppy, Car, and Snow I didn’t feel a pressing need to make a novel out of the guys–but they do come up in my little world of gay that I’ve established in the greater Sacramento area. (Scotty-the-rebound-guy has showed up in a couple of stories, because he was an unapologetic boyslut before the more earnest Ryan came into his life. Ryan the lawyer shows up on occasion too.  So, you know, if you see their names in Bewitched by Bella’s Brother and The Fenestra Penetration it’s probably not a coincidence.)

So no– it’s not high literature, and it’s barely more than an amuse bouche of romance– but I’m glad to see it available, and I hope you enjoy it.

You can find it for .99 at Amazon, free at ARe, and free at DSP.  So enjoy– and if you do enjoy, even as short as it is, be sure to leave a review, yeah?

Thanks ever so!

Amy (Who is now going to try to write her Christmas novellas and not give someone the plague. The last time I felt this shitty I gave Skip the walloping chest crud in Winter Ball, and while it was amusing at the time–because I was in a fever delirium– it’s not so much fun to relive that bout of illness in print. Poor Skipper. He’s going to have that flu bug as long as that book has an ISBN–be careful what you sic on your characters people–it rebounds, I’m sayin’!)

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  1. Unknown says:

    Feel better….and try not to let the workload crush you. <3

  2. Emese says:

    Get well soon!

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