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Okay…we watched movies last night. Movie night is sort of a weird night for me–my (single) (crazy) friend Wendy comes over, and whilst I knit, she leans against Mate and pretends he’s her Mate even though, on non-movie nights, he’s not her type in the least. Chicken lays against Wendy, Cave Troll falls asleep on Chicken…it’s like looking outside myself at my family while I get a couple of hours of hands-free knitting/writing time.

Anyway, we saw The Departed (which I liked not so much), Man of the Year (which was fairly uneven) and Stranger Than Fiction (which I adored to the bottom of my toes to the very core of my being.)

And it got me to thinking about movies. My favorite movies are not always Oscar Winners, or Highly Acclaimed. It reminds me of that episode of friends–“What’s Rachel’s favorite movie? The English Patient!” “What’s her real favorite movie? Weekend At Bernies” So I thought I’d tag you all with a meme–sort of late for Oscar night, but then, I’m not Oscar People:-)

1. What are your top 3 Good Movies:
The English Patient
The Piano
Brokeback Mountain

2. What are your top 3 ‘Bad Movies’:
Last of the Mohicans
Knight’s Tale
While You Were Sleeping

3. #1 Quoted Movie
(What else?) Princess Bride

4. Favorite Action Movie
Independence Day

5. Favorite Romance
You’ve got E-Mail

6. Favorite Weeper
Dead Poet’s Society (How appropos!) or Forrest Gump

7. Favorite director
M. Night Shyamalan

8. Top “Good Movie” moment:
–Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, finding the bloodied shirt. *sniff*

9. Top 3 “Bad Movie” moments:
**Seduction of Baby–Dirty Dancing
**Alice Jumps off the Cliff–Last of the Mohicans
**Last fight–13th Warrior

10. Top 3 Movie Quotes:
“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means!”
“This sword is too big for me!” “Grow taller!”
“We have debris!” (falling tractors) “DEBRIS!!!”

11. Top favorite movie in the last 2 years:
Vee for Vendetta. Hands down, most excellent movie in last 2 years.

And that’s all about meme and movies! So…uhm…let’s hear from you-you and youvies? Yeah, nevermind… but I would like to read your memes!

(It’s a writing weekend for me…I sort of blew off links in favor of Torrant’s first romance…sorry!!!)

0 thoughts on “Movie Me Me…”

  1. NeedleTart says:

    You’re just trying to get me to post, aren’t you?

  2. Amy Lane says:

    Well…yes…now that you mention it…

  3. Netter says:

    I can’t think that hard on a Monday!

  4. Catie says:

    great idea, 1 question: the “bad movie” part I’m guessing doesn’t refer to movies we don’t like eh?

  5. Amy Lane says:

    Nope–‘bad movies’ in this case refers to movies the critics hate (Forrest Gump for instance) or that would NEVER get nominated for an Oscar, but that we, the entertained, adore…

  6. Fave:
    1. Matrix (the first one!)
    2. Terminator
    3. While You Were Sleeping

    1. Everafter
    2. Big Fat Greek Wedding
    3. Princess Bride

    Movies that I personally never want to see again: Spiceworld

  7. Amy Lane says:

    OUch… Spiceworld…

  8. Rae says:

    wow, and I consider us movie people. I don’t know if I can account for all those questions! Will try ….

  9. Susan says:

    The Departed not so much? Man, we saw that this weekend too and I thought it was freaking brilliant, ‘cept for the gratuitous and extraneous add-nothing-to-the-plot footage of the Boston busing scandal back in the 70s. Can’t stand Jack Nicholson but I was able to tolerate him in this flick. Adore Ray Winstone but thought he was mis-cast. He simply cannot do an American accent, never mind a Southie one. Have you seen Sexy Beast? Now that’s a gangster movie!

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