Movie Saturday

Okay– I’ll be honest. I caught up with a LOT of work tonight–editing for Rampant as well as writing– but what also happened is what Mate calls “Movie Saturday”– which is sort of exactly what it sounds like.

Today, we were lucky–it feels like you actually do something when you go to the movies. “Hurray! I am contributing to my child’s growth in some way, right? RIGHT?”  Some Saturdays just become a delightful worship of cable’s best and worst. (Mate has some truly lovely holy grails of crappy movies. Harley Jane Kozak was his celebrity crush for a few years, if that tells you anything.)

So, yes. That is the reason there are no werewolves today. I promise– promise– tomorrow. I admit– this was a big week, and things got away from me.

But, although this is a teeny tiny post? I’ve got one thing: X-Men: Apocalypse.  I thought I was totally over this franchise, but as it turns out? Not so much. This one made me fall in love all over gain.

And I just woke up after typing that. Seriously– night all. Werewolves tomorrow. Even nap.


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