So, I watched a lot of movies this weekend.

So much I needed to do, so much I needed to do, and I was lucky if I could focus on a movie in front of me. If I was really on my game, I could knit and focus on the movie in front of me. Holy bats, crapman, I haven’t been that sick in a long time.

This morning, I was determined to feel better. I was going to be a productive citizen, come out, do my job (and I’ve got a LOT of shit piled up on my old computer) and get shit done.

Mate heard me stumbling out of bed, after having spent part of another night sitting up in the living room chair so I wouldn’t cough myself to death, and turned on In & Out. Now yes, as a gay romance writer, I am aware of all they got wrong back in 1997 when that movie was made, but as someone who was so happy to see gay representation in the media back in 1997, I am also aware of how much I adore that frickin’ movie.

It was all about being happy with who you were. There was nothing wrong with any of them. They were all okay.

So that movie makes me happy, and the kiss between Tom Selleck and Kevin Kline is still unbelievably hot (it really was!) as was  Tom Selleck’s affectionate delivery.

“Oh my God– you are pure television!”

“Stop it,” Tom says modestly, with just a hint of swish. But we can tell he’s pleased.

My heart melts.

And in addition to In & Out, this weekend I saw Mad Max: Fury Road, Tomorrowland, The Edge of Tomorrow (a favorite), three episodes of Daredevil, two episodes of Supernatural, and three back episodes of The Flash, Rambo II, War Games, and the final quarter of the playoffs between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta.  

Ah, television.

I also read three old ghost stories– one by Oscar Wilde and one by Edith Wharton (from a collection by Edith Wharton) and made some more headway on Rebecca.  

And I even managed to knit.

So yeah– not the most productive weekend, to tell the truth. But given that my coughing muscles are sort of screaming in agony if I so much as laugh, I’m going to cut my body a break and be grateful.

I am grateful that I feel better, that my Mate helped take care of me, and that my parents took my children somewhere so they didn’t have to be closed up in our dusty old house all weekend.  I am also grateful for green goop, because once again my parents tried to cook one of my redheaded children like chicken, and I am forever and eternally grateful for movies.

So is the cooked redhead–that’s how she escaped the pain, with the help of the green goop, after she got home.

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