So the Cave Troll went down for a nap yesterday–on accident, on me, while watching television at 4:00pm in the afternoon. He woke up (after sleeping in the chaos that is our living room with 3 other children bopping around and the dog and the cat and a guest and mom bitching at people to clean the damned living room) at 7:00.

He didn’t get back to sleep until 12:30 a.m..

It would be an understatement to say I am trashed, destroyed, annihilated, void of any personality whatsoever… the students know it too…they circle around, scent blood and go in for the kill…it’s days like these when I wish I taught kindergarten and could go down w/the kiddies for a nap!!


But, on other news…

A shout out to Karen, who gave me a very nice review for VULNERABLE… and at a very propitious time, as well! I drove to a local used book store… (Well, it was one suburb over–does that make it local or does that make me desperate? Don’t answer.) and asked them if they would want to carry my books. The first thing the owner did was hop on the computer, check and say “You have 4 1/2 stars on the first one–we’ll put that over your display!” I was sort of dumbfounded. I had no idea they would do that–it was both cool and frightening in the same breath. I MUST give my manuscript to LIR next year before publishing–she’s already spotted some typos in BOUND, and if she can spot them, while she’s reading in the middle of a midget militia training session for Camp Chaos (Read: a three year old and a newborn!) then I think she’s a keeper!!

And, just for fun…

On the way back from the book store, the Cave Troll and our Ladybug were cracking each other up–I couldn’t see what they were doing but the Family Crapmobile was just to the rafters with chortles of pre-verbal glee. “What are they doing?” I asked Chicken, who turned around, checked out the goings on and replied, “He’s making her hit herself, mom.”

I immediately smacked her on the back of the head. “This is your fault!” I hollered, “You and your brother have been playing this same damned game since you were five!!!

She tagged me back. “Mooooooooommmmmm, Dad’s the one who taught it to us!!!!”

I love my family.

0 thoughts on “Must…stay…awake…”

  1. You’re on sweetness!

  2. Catie says:

    yep, dads will do that, as I said over on Julie’s blog, my dad ruined my table manners.

  3. Rae says:

    OUCH on the nap, and on daylight savings time, too!!! I FEEL your pain.

    LOL on the smacking. 😉 Since DD is an only child (and will probably stay that way), she’ll probably be the recipient of it on the playground. And she’s a size 18 mos at 2.5 yrs, I’m going to have to feed her protein powder drinks to bulk her up to stand up against them.

    I really can’t wait to read your books. Do I need to start with the first one and read sequentially??

  4. Amy Lane says:

    It helps to read them sequentially–VULNERABLE (1), WOUNDED (2), BOUND (3)…Bryar is too small for her peeps too–protein powder is probably a good idea:-)It helps if DD is fierce–I have a feeling,that with you as her mother, she’ll be fine. I told Chicken that the only thing she had going for her was the mouth her mother gave her…it took a while, but she learned how to use it;-)

  5. roxie says:

    I lost most of my yesterday to Bound. Your books are addictive! Worse than potato chips. And when I’m done, I know I’ll be licking the inside of the bag for the last few crumbs. WRITE FASTER, DAMN IT!

    Sorry, I get rude when I’m Jonesing.

  6. NeedleTart says:

    Kindergarten for naps?! Are you insane? Never, repeat, never turn your back on twenty 5-year-olds and close your eyes while the three hyper-actives are in the corner behind the ABC display doing who-knows-what, the two criers are telling Everyone their problems, and the five “helpers” are filling you in on what “Billy did in the potty??!!
    Whew! Sorry that was last week, this week I am with the LD kids for State Ass-essments. Go back to what you were doing….

  7. Amy Lane says:

    Sorry Needletart…*pun-smirk*–I think I’ve just been schooled!

  8. Catie says:

    I have something very cool to email you that pertains only to you amy! It is something that will lift your day from to me. Email me at catiephillips AT gmail DOT com so I can send it to you – even I am excited.

  9. Rae says:


    DD has been awake for hours the last two nights in a row. She wakes up around 2:30-3:00 and stays awake. Monday night she got up around 3:30 and went back to sleep around 5. Last night she woke up at 2:30 AND STAYED UP ALL NIGHT.

    Hoping your cave troll is getting his ZZzzzs.

  10. Amy Lane says:

    Gosh…I hope YOU get some sleep…that’s harsh!!! (I hate that whole nodding off thing that happens when you’re tired…the toddler runs around and you go ‘nnhhgggnnnngggg?’

  11. Haylo says:

    Haha funny story. I have to say I envy you your class even though you have smart mouth high school kids! Can you imagine working on a floor (our school is divided by age on each different floor) with 54 kids ages 3-12 and all of them are like the demonspawn kid in your neighborhood you wished you could send screaming back to hell? Last week one of the kids was using the bathroom, which happens to be about 2 feet from my desk. Apparently he had some issues because the next thing I hear is “CLEAN UP ON AISLE SEVEN” and this naked 7 year old kid runs screaming to the door of the bathroom.

    I had a parent ask me today if I was ready for the weekend, I told her, quite nicely I thought. “By 8:30am on Monday morning i’m ready for the weekend”. She laughed but I was serious.

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