My Day in Bullets

*  Zoomboy got back from his trip to Yosemite.  Never has one boy talked so much or so fast between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm.  He hiked to the top of Vernal Falls, saw a bobcat, hid his clothes from bears, and didn’t bathe once.  (Guess what mom made him do first thing. He was still wearing the same underwear. Everybody let that sink in and go shower.)

*  Squish and I went to Starbucks after school, where they gave us free pup-a-cinnos.  This is a small cup of whipped cream that you give to your dog. It’s awesome, and my dogs will have many more to come.

*  Riptide sent me flowers and Elizabeth North sent me a congratulations card, and it really isn’t a dream, it’s not it’s not it’s not!

*  Julianne and I spent a substantial amount of time looking online for what amounts to a grown person’s prom dress.  And shoes.  Mate has put a veto on the pantsuit, and I have dreams of losing a zillion pounds before July. I don’t remember being this excited/nervous about my actual prom.

* This podcast happened, and I adore Jay from Joyfully Jay anyway, but this was her being brilliant and insightful about the genre and about book blogs in general. Yeah, yeah, the shoutouts did nothing to diminish my excitement over hearing one of my favorite subjects discussed at length by some stunningly bright women who love romance.

* CHICKEN IS COMING TOMORROW! Yup. That’s exciting. From having hardly any baby birds at all to a full nest. Oh, holy crap, is this my HOUSE?

* I actually remembered to fill the tank before the tank was empty. This is me, alerting the media.

*  And I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but Quickening is coming along. I already sent the first half to DSPP, and since it’s being released in two parts (as is Wounded, Bound, and Rampant) that’s exciting. That means the first volume of Quickening is done!  So, for those who have been waiting? Well there’s proof that your faith will be rewarded! Thank you!

*  I’ll do a cover reveal for Wounded as soon as it’s available from DSPP!

*  And, oh yeah– Riptide is selling Bells of Times Square for 30% off in honor of it’s nomination! (What? You didn’t see the banners? 😉

Peace out!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so excited about Quickening! Go Amy!

    I can't decide whether to wait for all of the books to be re-released, or to read Vulnerable's new release then go back to the paperbacks, then read Quickening … I need a game plan!

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