Necessary Nothing

OKay, so some days it’s necessary that nothing exciting happen.

I had an edit, I’m behind on a deadline– you get the picture.
So today was one of those days when a bunch of nothing added up to a pretty decent day–I’ll give you the highlights and we’ll call it a night.
*  Was debating whether or not to go swimming–Chicken and Stevi were here when I got back from walking the dogs, which often means my A+ in mothering comes from just being in the house and ready to make food. It’s an was A, and I’m not ashamed to say I take advantage of it. Anyway, I went to register because I figured I didn’t need that grade today, and it turns out I registered too late and couldn’t get in.  So I stayed home and earned my easy A in parenting.
*  I had just enough cash to go get Chinese food and fried chicken from the grocery store. The kids thought I was a goddess because I didn’t even cook. (We’re all a little over my cooking after the last week. *sigh* I’m so over my own cooking.)
*  Got to watch three episodes of Mrs. Maisel tonight. Season 1 almost down–LOVE this show, even when it’s painful. I was a lot like Midge Maisel when I was her age. Well, maybe not as funny. But I would open my mouth and spill out bibles full of truth and get destroyed and piss people off. It takes a while to realize that just because it’s true doesn’t mean there’s not a better way to say it. 
Which reminds me. Saddest part about Hamilton? Hamilton learned from Washington, from his friends, even from Aaron Burr. Burr never learned. 
Yes, these two things are related, why do you ask?  Nevermind–another blog post.
But still, I grew a little from my Miss Maisel phase. Score!
*  Finished my edit– score!
* Wrote 2K and blogged– Score!
And the sort of coolest weirdest thing today?
My walk– which is usually like clockwork– got totally disrupted today as I attempted to avoid a woman with a stroller, an additional toddler, and a big woof dog. Her big woof dog was VERY interested in my smaller happy dogs, and she had her hands full as it was, so in the end I walked like, an extra quarter mile trying to avoid all of them so her little kid didn’t get knocked over by the woof dog dragging the stroller. Anyway–as I was walking back to my car the wrong way (uphill in the sun!) I saw two guys on the football player, sitting in chairs under the one shade tree, playing with drones. They were in their sixties, and looked very happy.
THAT is the way to spend your retirement years.
And I”m gonna call that a win too, because it gave me a goal.

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