Necessary promotions

Okay–so, we’re all home safely and, frankly, for the last two days, have been made of sleep.

Seriously–I had no idea how tired we were, but after yesterday–and two naps!–I thought about it, and it took us seven hours to drive from Monterey–most of it was traffic. We stopped and played at the beach for a good three hours–long enough to toast all of us crispy pink and by the time we were home?

So. Tired.

Anyway– today has been mildly productive work wise, but it was 107 today. The dogs had to settle for a morning drive as we went to start Chicken’s car. By 9:30 it was too hot for their little paws on the pavement.

All that being said, once we got home, I had an ack! moment of “ACK! I LEAVE FOR RWA IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!”

And of course, about four days after I get home, Red Fish, Dead Fish is out, so I figured, since it’s going to be bit of a rush (I’ve got a blog tour planned–something special that does NOT entail me talking about, well, me!) I would get all my balls-walls advertising out today.

So… Here we go.

For those of you in the Orlando area (and I know some folks!) there is going to be a book signing for RWA–the little thing up there tells us it’s 3-5 Saturday night, and it gives details. This is a charity book signing, which means your money for the books goes to literacy programs, and I’m pretty sure it means there’s only a nominal fee (if any) to get in. I’ll be there, with my spiffy new flag (this is a note to myself to bring it–I keep forgetting I’m leaving the state, and I have to bring book stuff, and omfg I have to wear ACTUAL CLOTHES and not shitty jean shorts and tank tops.

So, yes– the charity book signing. If you can make it, odds are good I’ll be wearing clothes. Whoopee!  (Note to self: Buy hair dye, get nails done, get toes done, and maybe wax the unibrow, I am trying not to look like a troll in public. Done.)

Okay– so whew! There’s the first thing off my promo list. Check!

The second thing on my promo list is Red Fish, Dead Fish,  which is now available for presale HERE AT AMAZON, and also HERE AT DREAMSPINNER  I should have details for the blog tour up here before I leave for Florida– let’s cross fingers, yes?

And the third thing was just a reminder that Manny Get Your Guy is out, and that so far the feedback has been pretty good.  I start the fourth one in the series– A Fool and His Manny this month, so all of the excitement is keeping me in the groove–the Channing/Lowell/Graysons are not quite over yet, and I’m ready to celebrate. Don’t forget–The Virgin Manny is the first in the series, then Manny Get Your Guy, and, as of May, we’ll have Stand By Your Manny.  I had to write all that in a row, because the titles. Could you not just DIE?

Anyway– there you go. Promotions away. I’m so excited–are you?

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