No More Waiting:-)

WAITING is up on the website–except there’s sort of a labeling problem. (You know when you’re reaching for chocolate and you get cheesecake…yeah, hate that!)

Sometimes when you pull it up, the sidebar under ‘Amy’s Writings’ says ‘Yearning*’ and ‘Yearning’. The one WITH the *asterisk is *really* WAITING, not YEARNING! Sorry about that–fucking computer glitches!

Anyway, as always, if you enjoy the stories, let me know about it!!! The free stories are sort of keeping me all excited and in the game–I’m like a weird narcissistic imagination monster that feeds on feedback..(more more more nom nom nom nom) Anyway, I MAY turn out one more story before RAMPANT is in the editing stage, or I may save the rest of Jack & Teague for when RAMPANT is done, I’m not sure, so do let me know how we like the guys. So far, people are really enjoying their company;-)

Oh yeah–I participate in the forums on, and on one of them we write ‘filk’ (fake folk songs) whenever it moves us. Let’s just say I was challenged sort of to write this one…and I thought I’d share it with you all!

Young Trystan Bard was a greedy lad
Wasn’t nothing he gave up he didn’t wish he had
Not just toys, not just clothes not just shoes had he
He didn’t want to give up stuff that should just be ‘let be’.

There was no known limit to his avarice
Common sense wouldn’t give way to grown-up advice
Like ‘you’re not losing treasure whenever you flush,’
Or, ‘There’s no golden value in your diaper of mush’

But the worst thing the young lad ever wanted to hold
Was the giant booger attached to his nose with a cold.
O Trystan yelled loud when dad put the boogey in trash
So he opened the can and went through the stash,
Ignoring the grown-ups screaming “Omigod,that’s so gross!
Kid PLEASE don’t stuff that booger back in your nose!”

Well Trystan’s grown up now (I call him ‘Thing 1’)
And he’s learned to lose boogers after their time in the sun,
But we’ve never forgotten that moment of “urg!”
When the kid tried to reattach that giant booger!

True Story. Very gross. No lie.

0 thoughts on “No More Waiting:-)”

  1. It was good, thanks for letting us know that happens to jack and Teague.

    The url in your blog is not right though.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    That is indeed gross. When you stop and think of all the gross things that kids do, it’s a wonder they grow up at all and don’t die from some kind of infection or other! The human race is a miraculous thing.

  3. Galad says:

    Definitely gross but clever 🙂

  4. gemma says:

    One of these days your kids are going to kill you for telling these stories of their childhoods…. but please don’t stop, that one was gross in a omg I can’t look away kind of way.

  5. Amusing. The kids will love you to death when you tell their prospective dates to go read your blog to see how they behaved.

  6. ismarah says:

    I think I may need to come out of my closet regarding m/m action. Loved the story and then went back and re-read the other one too and loved that all over again.

    Kids are gross, but in the loveliest of ways, especially when they’re your own.

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