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No news, mostly…

Okay, anybody out there think it should be criminal mal-practice for a doctor to mention the words “malignancy” and “colonoscopy” in the same visit, take blood, and then, hello NOT CALL FOR EIGHT DAYS?

It’s just a thought, really…I mean, it’s not like I have anything to lose or anything… oh…wait…maybe I do…

Honestly, I don’t think I’d be so ticked about this, if it were not for the fact that I’m feeling better. My fever, while still spiking, hasn’t topped 100.1 in about five days, and I actually had an, uhm, movement, this morning that had no blood, no pain, and no panic involved and aside from being REALLY tired because I haven’t gone walking in forever and now I weigh, like, 20 lbs more (in spite of not eating anything near my weight watcher’s points allotment per day–how fair is that?)I’m feeling less ill and more, well, like I’m recovering from illness.

And yet, my doctor has not called. Neither has my internist. I’ve left them two messages (which is harder than it sounds when you’re talking about Kaiser) and I find myself fulminating at both of them–it’s not fair. My bloodwork should be back, my colon is still, mostly, a suspect organ in this little operation, and, seriously, shouldn’t we be, like, communicating or something? I mean, I’m only a lowly teacher, it’s not like I know what words like ‘malignancy’ mean…


I do. And it’s freaking me out.

(By the by, the fact that I could write this entry actually means I’m feeling better about things. If I’m pissed at my doctors, I’m not at their mercy, and I’m feeling well–or closer to it–and more powerful than I was. So don’t worry too much about me freaking out…I’m feeling much more positive than I have been…this entry is actually proof.)

Oh–hey–off the depressing topic and on to something that proves I’m a bad mother–Every night the Cave Troll goes off to our room to watch a movie of his own–sometimes he rotates them, and sometimes he watches the same move for so long that…okay, he’s 3 1/2, he never talks, I mean NEVER, people think he’s a mute, and this kid can quote Shrek II verbatim…he even has the timing down. It’s frickin’ FRIGHTENING…

And more news on the kid front? Ladybug, bless her pudgy little heart, has discovered the joys of the kiddie pool–more specifically, she’s discovered the joys of watching her brother play in it while she toddles around giving him toys and listening to her fat flat feet splat in the water on the concrete deck…other than that, she doesn’t like being IN the water much…in fact (and this is a first) she’s the only child I’ve had that, after a certain period in the sun, puts her arms up, gloms on to the adult nearby, and asks to be taken inside to where it’s cool so she can hang out on said adult and chill. It’s almost spooky how much she takes after myself where the great outdoors are concerned.

I have pictures (not to tease you) but no time to find my cords to download, but be warned, there are naked baby pool pictures in the very near future.

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  1. Glad to hear your feeling better. Sorry to hear you’re having troubles dealing with the doctors.

    Chicken sounds like a lovely young lady.

  2. roxie says:

    The thing with Kaiser is that you have to learn the magic words. Tell the live person you finally get on the phone that you need to talk to the doctor about the test for a MALIGNANCY. Tell her that you are VERY CONCERNED. Tell her it has been OVER a WEEK SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN ABLE TO REACH YOUR DOCTOR. Get her name, and write it down. Tell her you will call her back if you haven’t heard from your doctor in two hours.

    Kaiser staff in Oregon are a lot nicer than Kaiser staff in California. They pretty much seem to hate the people they serve. Gird your loins.

    And keep on getting well!!

  3. Bells says:

    Jesus, that’s not sounding good. A bit of communication shouldn’t be too much to ask for, should it?

    Bring on the kiddie photos!

  4. It is totally criminal. They need to get back to you, dammit! The worry alone can make you sick.

    @*^&@ing Kaiser.

    Glad you’re feeling better, though. IN SPITE of Kaiser.

  5. NeedleTart says:

    Yet another reason I will not work in the medical field. I worry about the patient’s feelings too much (and that makes me unsuitable??)
    On the picture front, can’t wait. The Boys hate that I possess bare-butt pictures of them (at least when said butt was small, hairless, and cute).

  6. PipneyJane says:

    Hi Amy

    Fingers and toes crossed that the tests are negative for nasties and your body gets better soon.

    – Pam

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