No Snow…

AOkay– first things first.  Last night, Mate and I went to a traveling Christmas Party.  A bunch of people in the same neighborhood walked from house to house and drank a lot.  (I drank a lot of water.  It was COLD, and I was having more fun watching the drunk people walk, really.  Anyway, in one house, there was a chinchilla.  I shit you not.

 And the rest of this?  This is Christmas tree hunting.  Here, we have hunted and felled the mighty Christmas tree.  Zoomboy is taking his turn here–but his older brother did the bulk of the work.


 And here?  We have a tree with a Santa hat.  Considering the fact that Zoomboy has been wearing that hat since December 1st, the tree didn’t have much of a chance.

 Zoomboy and Very Big T say hello.  Zoomboy espouses the attributes of the perfect tree.

This morning, as I was getting out hats for Squish, she almost picked the Hello Kitty hat.  Then this one came out, and she jumped on it, because, in her words, “It looks really great with my glasses!”

That’s Squish– fashion forward:-)

 And this?  This is just an overview of Snowy Peaks Christmas Tree Farm, which, for those who are curious, is deep in the heart of Green’s Hill country. It’s almost to Sugarpine, which means Jack and Teague could have been nosing about anywhere the dogs were not.  (They were everywhere–a Christmas Tree Farm is a dog’s happy place!)

And doesn’t every kid need a dorky picture of a kid in a Santa hat in his archives?  Cause, umm, we’ve got Zoomboy COVERED!

And this is a picture of my folks, Squish in their wake, starting off on the great Christmas Tree Hunt… it was a splendid adventure!

0 thoughts on “No Snow…”

  1. What an enjoyable day. The kids seemed to be having loads of fun.

  2. roxie says:

    Oh, what joy! That's a mmmmmarvelous tree! Thanks for the great photos!

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Of course you need Santa hats to look for a tree! How else will the right tree know how to find you?

    We have very distinctive hats and only wear them to work on the 23rd each year. The station guy at our train station said "when are the hats coming out" the other day. I didn't think anyone remembered them but I guess they do.

  4. DecRainK says:

    Looks like you all had a blast 🙂

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