Nobody’s Mouse But Mine

So we got back from vacation and the dogs forgave me…

But my computer mouse didn’t.

It didn’t work. I mean… DIDN’T WORK.

Because of my computer set up I was bent over double over my console and going back and forth between an ergonomic keyboard and the touch mouse on my laptop.

I mean, I could do it–and I was even getting good at it, but my back was killing me.

And about five minutes ago, as I was sitting down to my computer to blog (wondering, “Hey, what am I going to blog about today? I saw Spiderman Homecoming again and it was AWESOME.”) when  I reached automatically for my mouse…


I almost cried.


He looked at it. “This isn’t the same mouse.”

“No,” I said, because the other one had been red. I didn’t realize it was red until now, with the little black one, but yes. It had been red.  “It’s… wait. Which one was my mouse? Why did the mouse change? Where did the mouse go?”

“Well, since Chicken was here watching the kids, I’m assuming she accidentally switched mouses. So, you know. That’s yours you got back.”

And now I feel bad. I didn’t recognize the non-identical twin. But it’s okay–the mouse apparently forgives me…and OH BABY, DID YOU MISS ME?

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  1. Cheri says:

    Very funny. Some things are such an extension of self you never think about them.

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