Not a Brave Little Soldier

Very short entry today–very short stories!

So, this starts on Saturday, which was sort of a magical day in a way. Told my parents Squish was having a soccer game, and they’d been planning to take the older kids out to dinner and we’d been planning to go out to dinner, so we ALL went out to dinner someplace expensive that we don’t usually go, but hey, we all had gift certificates.

Did I mention magical?

And after that, we went and saw The Kid Who Would be King which was sort of adorable and fun and left a happy shiny residue, and then we came home and fell asleep because it was 12 o’clock!

Anyway– while we were with my parents my mom said something about going to get her toes done and we said, yes, we were going to have to go get pedicures together and we made tentative plans.

Okay– so skip to today.

I see my mom’s car in the parking lot and sort of laugh to myself–we share the same dentist, and sure enough, I see her on my way in, but she’s getting worked on so I don’t say anything.

I’m getting my permanent crown replacement which means they have to jab me with a needle a couple of times to get the temporary off, dry the whole works *shudder*, and then put the permanent back on. Simple, a little squidgy, but generally no drama.

Of course, it took them forever to numb me, and I could still feel it. But I told myself I could manage–I didn’t want to be a baby, right? That’s what I said in my HEAD, but when the assistant went to open my mouth to pull the temporary off, my neck did a funny thing.

It turned my face to the side.

I swear, I had no intention of doing that.

She tried again, and I almost did a 180 trying to get my jaw out of the clutches of the evil dental assistant (who was totally nice and very helpful.)

“Would you like some more lidocaine, Ms. Lane?”


Anyway, they got me (mostly) anesthetized, and put in the crown, and near the end of the procedure, while they were waiting for the cement to dry, my mom stuck her head in the room and tagged my shoulder. “Is this the same thing as getting our toes done together?” she asked, before disappearing.

I chuckled to myself–seriously, would have rather had the pedicure!

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