Not cute…not cute… (and SQUEEE!)

Okay, you know how cute it was that Arwyn wanted to play with my computer?

She broke it. I didn’t think she could, since I started closing it when I left it on the table–and we started parking it way back where it couldn’t get pulled off.

Apparently laptops are very sensitive to, well, squishing. And she squished my laptop until it died.

I’m in shock…it’s like hearing about the three year old that killed a baby kitten by ‘loving’ it too much.

My beloved laptop…oh, baby, did you ever know how much I loved you? (Yes. I think I told it many times…we had an intimate, private relationship, that laptop and I…)

Anyway, if you don’t hear from me that often for a week or two it’s because fighting for the family computer is like chickens fighting for feed…and I may be the biggest chicken but that just puts more space between me and the damned corn, and when I do get my time at the wheel, I need it to take those damned classes. (Boring. Have I mentioned they’re FREAKING BORING!!!).

*sigh* And the little laptop squishing terror shows about as much remorse as a cat who has accidentally smushed a mouse…it seems to her as though, if we loved a piece of electronics that much, we would have hidden it under the bed or in the closet or somewhere she would never know it existed. The idea that we might want to every USE it has never occurred to her–I mean, wouldn’t that just get in the way of our cuddling time? (It turns out that Ladybug is very cuddly…I like my babies that way…and it certainly works in talking mommy out of being mad about a stupid, useless laptop.)

And about the SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A very nice man named David Reamer e-mailed me from just outside of Austin, TX. It seems that his readers really like me, and he was wondering if there were any way I could help promote myself to his book club next month. I mean, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. At this rate, there will be no living with me… Anyway, he asked for (of all things) book plates!!! So, I was thinking that I might actually have either book plates or book markers printed up, and I’d send them to all of you who’ve already had regular book plates sent and this time I’d go first class for Louiz, since mystery post has apparently lost her package and someone in the Netherlands is enjoying her knitting magazines, book plates and…(yes, there was something else in her box but it was supposed to be a surprise, dammit!) and I could put them in with Roxie’s WONDERFUL manuscript along with a few (nope, not gonna tell…) and then some to Needletart (but she doesn’t knit a lot of socks…ooops!) and you all will have to excuse me, I have children to tend and a printer to find…

And, alas, my husband has a laptop to replace. At the expense of his father’s day present, dammit, and that maybe that’s the one thing that can dampen my high…

Mate deserves his own i-Pod, dammit. *sigh* I may have to put the printer on hold…

(Oh…btw–there was some speculation among Mr. Reamer’s readers that Sunny, author of Mona Lisa Awakening, killed off one of her male leads by following my example…I haven’t read her yet–she’s on my to-do list, but is there anyone out there who has? I’m curious, that’s all…I mean, it would be sort of a crappy trend to start, you think?)

0 thoughts on “Not cute…not cute… (and SQUEEE!)”

  1. Netter says:

    Bad news, then good news. Great news on the book club. Can you post an image of the book plates?

  2. Amy Lane says:

    I have to design them and print them first! I’m thinking that the trademark of the series has been, so far, the cover of VULNERABLE. I’ll probably go with that…

  3. The laptop is dead. Long live the Ipod. 🙂

  4. NeedleTart says:

    Rats on the lap-top. The Husband has decided to take*my*lap top on his summer job.
    As for the sock thing….they are my portable knitting, school, car trips, walking on the track….yeah, lots of socks.

  5. Alyssa says:

    I soo stalk your blog XD

    About Sunny killing of one of her characters in echo of you killing off Adrian (I would like you to know that was a very traumatizing moment for me!) I totally agree. The problem I have with Sunny’s books is that she quite obliviously steals ideas from authors like Laurell K Hamilton, Anne Bishop, you, and others, puts in new characters and tada, new book. Um…okay… The sad thing is, I think she would be a good writer, if she came up with her own ideas. To me it feels like plagiarism, it’s that obvious.

    Anyway total congrats on your many successes!! While I can’t wait to read Bitter Moon don’t wait too long to write about Cory and gang again!!

  6. Starkville says:


    I'm searching for David Reamer, the person who contacted you back in 2007 about your books.

    He and I were close friends at one point but fell out of touch. I posted a blog entry about my search for him here:

    If you still have an e-mail address or any other contact information about him, it would be incredibly helpful.



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