Not It…

First of all, I have done very little today. I had plans…visit my aunt-in-law’s sick mother, do some laundry, write another ten pages, but I woke up with the mother of all headaches, its gotten vaguely better since I woke up but mostly, all I’ve wanted to do has been check the amazon forums (Amy Lane is as close to being a hot topic as she ever gets right now, and I’m not going to discourage that in the least) and knit. Lots and lots of knitting.

I finished the first fingerless mitt with that Kathmandu-cash/silk/merino and I’m not as pleased with the pattern and yarn mix as I thought I would be. C’est la vie…the second one has been cast on, and away I go. I’m working on a pair in this Arucan sock yarn as well… I’m using Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionary and making a cloverleaf rib, and hoping for the best…the sock yarn takes my breath away in terms of colors, but I”m pretty sure that before I’m three inches in, I’ll wish I’d obeyed my first instinct and knit up that purplish mystery fiber that Roxie spun for me…it was calling my name too, but the Arucan was calling louder. (Maybe it felt as though the homespun were getting all the attention, I don’t know.)

Anyway, in the meantime, the short people were thrashing the house like veteran rock stars, and although I’ve cleaned up just a little from that, I’m hoping to get some more done tomorrow. (Tomorrow we’re sending the short people to day care for the first time in the whole vacation. Mate’s staying home and we’re gonna…play cards. Yeah, that’s it. We’re gonna go on a date and play cards. And isn’t it sad that I’m planning to clean the house when all the cards are played…)

But really, nothing besides that to report…oh–wait. There’s the fish light. We got one of those lights that looks like a round tank of fish, where on layer of fish is spinning one direction and the background is spinning the other direction and basically? The Cave Troll will go into the darkened room to watch the spinning fish. And take a nap or go to bed without falling asleep in our bed. For us card-playing adults, this is a big furry deal, let me tell you! And since the Cave Troll is there, Ladybug will stay there too (at least until two a.m. when the whole thing goes to hell and our King Size becomes the family cot again…)

And that leads me to my post title–I’ve got here, for your viewing pleasure, the top 10 (or so…me and counting…) reasons for a married couple to play rock-scissors-paper, or, as my husband does, cry “Not It” triumphantly at the top of his lungs… here they are, in the order in which I remember them…

10– Your fifteen year old son wants a proofreader for his handwritten essay. His handwriting is just like mom’s.
9–The crapweasels have violated the sacrosanct bounds of the holy defecation receptacle.
8–A suspicious sound, suspicious smell, or otherwise suspicious look to a vintage diaper.
7–No socks for the youngest can be found outside of the infamous pile of ‘sock soup’ on the floor of the car below her car seat, which is heavily seasoned with McDonald’s crumbs and misplaced chocolate milk.
6–A blown circuit breaker in the backyard when no one has gone ‘landmine’ hunting in over two weeks.
5__A stinky dog when no one has gone ‘landmine hunting’ in over two weeks.
4–A mystery stench in the kitchen and/or bathroom.
3–Ginormous hairy spiders who have set up webs across key entrance points in the garage.
2–A sound like the wheels of the Juggernaut dancing in tune to an AC/DC cassette being played in the same player that harbored the missing pb&j on wheat coming from your bedroom where the children are supposed to be asleep.
1–Your angsty, weepy, 500 words per minute teenaged daughter comes home after a baaaaaaaaaaddddd dddaaaayyyyyy.

0 thoughts on “Not It…”

  1. roxie says:

    Especially the teenaged daughter I can see him hollaring “Not it!” Your reply could be, “Ok, but then you get the landmines tomorrow.”

    Have fun playing cards. (snigger!)

  2. Yeah, I’d call not it either on most of those.

    Love your terms of playing cards… Until the teenaged daughter comes home and says, she was off playing cards…

    Word Verification: adtzap – A really good alarm system.

  3. TinkingBell says:

    AAAAArrrggghhh! And I’m not it either!!!

  4. Bells says:

    Oh! Hot date at your house tomorrow! Woo hoo! Enjoy those cards!

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Cards. I love playing cards. It’s harder when the kids get older and go to bed after you do. And then they come and go as they please and you never know when they are coming in. Sigh, I miss cards sometimes.

  6. Louiz says:

    enjoy your cards!

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