Not Quite Climbing the Walls

So, guess who realized that our hallway is REALLY REALLY NARROW?

But hey– at least they understand an opportunity when they see it. I mean, when else can you climb the walls literally, right?

Yeah, yeah, weak joke, I know it, but I’m feeling a might snarly at the moment. I’m undergoing my quatre-yearly estrogen/plasma dump, and when you only do this about every three months, it doesn’t fuck around. You would not beLIEVE the amount of fem-prot you can blow through when you’re pouring blood like an apocalyptic plague, and, quite frankly, it impedes my will to let the people around me live. (My family, sensing this with their well-tuned superpowers, has allowed me a little latitude in the last few days. One of my co-workers, being a crass wanker who likes to humiliate the fat girl, does not. I’m killing him off in my next Goddess book, and by-Goddess, I’m doing it UGLY.)

Anyway, in addition to that, and a strained shoulder (also impeding my will to let other people live) and a WIP that’s FINALLY taking off, and a new e-book released next week (which makes me all nerves–it’s a Little Goddess story, too, which ALSO makes me all nerves, because I walk such a fine line with those, between letting the story tell itself and summarizing enough of the LG world for people to read them stand-alone) it’s very possible that the grades I’ve spent the last two days entering (I’m up to week seven–seriously, I’m only a week behind!) may actually disafuckingpear when i get back to my computer. WHEN I get back to my computer, which leads me to the ultimate horror of horrors:

Jury Duty.

I’ve never actually HAD jury duty. I’ve gotten a couple of letters–one when I was a stay-at-home mom who WAS a stay-at-home mom because no one would watch Big T because he screamed all day, and one in which I didn’t get called in. I’ve been hoping that would be the case all week and I ALMOST made it. It would figure the day I DIDN’T make it was the day in which I have absolutely too much to do to just slack off on the sub plan and watch a movie, but, that’s okay. The kids are finishing up their episode from yesterday (and a lovely hook-up I made between a corrupt minister’s wife and Jonathan Edwards and the STAR testing standards in which ‘implicit values’ is used) and they MAY be able to talk the sub in to just letting them watch a movie. I won’t object, if hat’ what’s going to happen, but I really DID have better things to do! (And whew! It’s a good thing I mentioned that when blogging, I almost forgot to assign that next absence!)

In a way, I’m sort of looking forward to it–I mean, I’ve never DONE it, yanno? And Mate’s sat on, like, three or four juries, one of them for a high-profile local case! (He’s so conscientious about it, too. He NEVER tells me what it’s about, and I’m always so proud of him, because if he wasn’t such a good, fair-minded kind of guy, he wouldn’t get selected quite so often:-) So on the one hand, uhm, WHEEE! Something new. On the other hand, uhm… Mate is screwed! Totally screwed! If I get picked, he’s got to run from Folsom to Fair Oaks to Citrus heights to pick up Chicken and Zoomboy from school, and since he’s been coaching Squish’s soccer team, three days a week, he won’t be able to go back! But whatever happens, it can’t happen for long–I’ve got tickets and reservations to yaoi-con in 21 days (waves at Mary, who will be there with me!!!) and apparently, that matters.

I’m sooooooo glad. Missing out on yaoi-con would really suck–I’ll be signing books for a couple of days, and, well, it’s DOWN IN SAN FRANCISCO and even no one wants me to sign their books, there are going to be SO many cool people down there that *swoon* it’ll be totally worth it!

But still–that’s days off for yaoi-con and days off for jury duty… by the time November rolls around, I hope the students remember my name! (Or… maybe not!)

So, besides that, and the fact that I’m reading Christopher Moore’s “The Fool”, I’m gonna leave it at that. I hope to have some exciting news about our GSA and next week, but I don’t want to leap in too early. Let’s just say our students were REALLY happy to have a chance to help others, and that always makes me proud.

And that’s about it–I’m nodding off, it’ll have to be!

Wish me luck (whichever outcome is luckiest!) for tomorrow!


0 thoughts on “Not Quite Climbing the Walls”

  1. Galad says:

    Wishing you luck tomorrow however it turns out!

  2. Good luck on the jury duty thing. Grilltech is on call next week.

  3. Jenny Woolf says:

    One of the good things about jury duty is that you get to read all those books you never read before. At least if you're lucky and just have to sit around waiting to be called and never do, which seems to be the way it works in England.
    I've done it twice. NOT FAIR.

  4. Louiz says:

    Jury duty's a pain in the arse (at least it is here) Take knitting. Or reading. Or both!

    And did I read the end of that right – Amy signing at a con? Woohoo!

    Will have some funds shortly and will be buying everything I've missed out on:)

  5. Chris says:

    I've had jury duty once. It was ok – kinda dull, actually. 🙂

  6. Donna Lee says:

    I've been called for jury duty a few times but only picked once. For a murder trial. It's NOT as exciting as it seems on television.

    Once they turned me down because I didn't have any bumper stickers and read magazines that were too high brow.

    It's an interesting experience for sure.

  7. roxie says:

    They won't let you take knitting or crochet into the courthouse. There will be a jigsaw puzzle in process in the jury room, or you can catch up on a year's worth of Reader's Digest, or do your own reading.

    I've enjoyed both of my turns on jury duty. You meet people you might not ordinarily encounter.

    Bummer about the red tide.

  8. molli says:

    I was picked for jury was a 'once' I could have lived without…..pedophile! And hell yes we convicted his ass! But still…listening to those 'very young' boys was heartbreaking. Maybe you will get lucky like my hubby did and get a 'dog poo' case 🙂

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