Not the post I had planned…

Okay–I was in the middle of a Top Sheep episode last night when our internet went down and the whole thing was lost. Fucking blogger.

I WILL get you that Top Sheep sometime this week, but for now, two quick things, and then the bell rings and the kids come in and the shouting and the blood and the humanity… you know–work! So here’s my two things–

is out on (yay!!!) but you may want to notice the lag time between ordering and receiving!!! Part of that is that the book isn’t even at MY doorstep, and part of that is…well, I don’t know… iUniverse is pissing me off…the damn book says it was published in December–which is when we initiated the process, certainly, but in the past it has always been when they RELEASED the book–not when we submitted it… they also didn’t put my real name on the inside front cover. I don’t know why. I think it’s sort of legal that they have to–but at this point I’m just so damned happy to see it in print I’m going to ignore the small stuff!!

And this leads me to

B. A question. In the past, because, well, I figured nobody else would, I always reviewed my own book first. I have a small (but fiercely loyal, love you all) following now, and I was wondering if doing this is still necessary–or even if it’s a little narcissistic, even for me. Now, part of the reason I do it is to add to the plot synopsis on the back cover–it’s taken me three books to get to the point where that summary doesn’t leave me cold. But the other part was to, well, make my own book look legit. I mean, it’s no secret on the amazon pages that Teron Angel and Amy Lane are the same person… but still…now that people are reading the books it feels a little…I dunno…fraudulent somehow.

So should I still review my own book this time? Do you think enough people will review it for me? Seriously–what do you think?

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  1. Catie says:

    I gotta say that I am not completely sure of your real name, it may have come up but somehow that info never made it to the permanent storage part of my brain. The fact that Amy Lane is not your true name didn’t escape me though. I know your kids names (well 3 out of 4, cutest baby is just baby in my head) which is somewhat odd.

    If you feel the need to add to what was written on the back summary , then post away. Otherwise, I’d say wait a bit to see if anyone comments for you. If they don’t in say a month or two, then perhaps post. Or if the commenter with too much time on her hands comes to this book too, then by all means, write a review.

  2. Susan says:

    It’s a teeny tiny bit narcissistic but then again, you have established a tradition of being the first reviewer. Do you want to break with that tradition?

    Maybe as a concession you could be particularly critical of your use of full stops (periods). snort

  3. Rae says:

    I would say if you want to provide a synopsis of the book, without judgment (“fabulous” “creative use of imagery” blah blah blah), then that’s legit. Wait for others to praise it. You *do* have fans!!

    My .02

  4. Amy Lane says:

    *laugh* If the commenter with too much time on her hands wants to pay that much money for a book she knows she’s going to hate…well, that’s just sick…

    Yeah–I’ll leave it as is…Sora (bless her heart–did you guys see that? she read the book in ONE NIGHT…and liked it. I was almost too overwhelmed to notice it yesterday) promised to review it, and I’m getting a little obsessive. (Really? No…not sos you’d notice…) I will leave it be and hope for the best:-)

  5. I usually don’t read the reviews. (Good/Bad, I’m the guy with the gun.) They are so subjective. It’s the back of the book that catches my eye.

  6. roxie says:

    Print that review. Get on it right away! The sooner the quicker, woman! The author’s inpt is invaluable. Besides, The sooner those reviews start appearing, the better the sales. And how can I review it until I’ve read it? Write and post that sucker, sugarplum!

  7. Haylo says:

    I would say not to review it yourself, trust your fans to do it for you, you have a lot of fans 🙂 I remember when Sherrilyn Kenyon did a blurb praising Kinley MacGregor (her other name) on the first Avalon book. Many reviewers out there criticized it, even though all of her fans knew that it was a little inside joke. I would hate to see people use that against you so maybe if someone who has an advanced copy could put a review up it would be great.

  8. Amy Lane says:

    I’m seeing a trend here…

    Thanks for the feedback, people–I’ve already posted on the amazon site that I won’t be summarizing this one–I’m leaving it up to you! (Of course, if there’s nothing there in a month, I’m caving like wet cardboard in a hailstorm. I’m not a patient obsessive narcissist, no, I’m not.)

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