Nothing to Report

I’m so depressed! I actually had a real picture– a GOOD one… one of the cat laying on Squish who was laying on Chicken–it was awesome and precious and now I can’t find my phone. *grumble* Frickin’ technology. Sometimes me hates it.

Anyway… next week, we’re going to be neck deep in the cover picture for Yearning– enjoy random graphic art while you can!

And other than that? Can I just add that the cat is a fucker? Just in general? Are you seeing this like I’m seeing it, because it’s looking like the cat is a fucker. Just sayin’.

And since we’re talking about random photographs– some photographs I WISH I had taken but did not were of Zoomboy and Squish working in our ‘Garden’. Our ‘garden’ consists of two big planters with some bulbs in them and some fresh potting soil. Now, I am HORRIBLE at gardening, mostly because it involves that giving a shit thing about the out of doors that I’m not always great at mustering up. I’m WONDERFUL at appreciating it when someone else does it for me, but me? Not so much. I’m sort of meh about the whole thing– but Squish really wanted to grow something, and I have enough bad-mommy strikes against me, I figured, what the hell? Of course, I also started a flat of little seedling starters… and if all THOSE grow, I’m going to be up to my ass in tomato plants with NOWHERE and I do mean nowhere in my little tiny plot of earth to let them grow, but… *shrug* I’ll give them to my parents or my friend or something. And in the meantime, Zoomboy and Squish go out for ten minutes a day and use the cool little sieve pitcher to water their flowers. They. Are. So. Proud.

Now everyone cross your fingers that those damned bulbs grow!

And other than that, we started gymnastics again. *sigh* We’d sort of gotten used to having our weekends back after soccer, but Zoomboy needed SOMETHING and Squish was going to hurt herself because she kept trying to do rolls and doing them wrong– *sigh* And it’s back to the races, right? (Well, it felt like it today– I’ve been up late a lot lately– sue me!)

But I SWEAR I will try to get you some other pictures besides promo covers and cat ass in the future. I’m starting to miss seeing my own kids on my blog!

0 thoughts on “Nothing to Report”

  1. More knitting time for you in wonderful exotic locations.

  2. roxie says:

    It looks as if the cat is giving you a neck massage and a caring hug. AND showing interest in your activities which is a lovely thiing. Show a little appreciation! Geeze! 😉

    In the meantime, Hooray for upcoming cover art and woo hoo about gymnastics!

  3. DecRainK says:

    here's hoping Zoomboy and Squish have green thumbs!

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