Now THAT’S Diehard Fandom…

Yeah… I did it. I took Chicken to see My Bloody Valentine 3D– Jensen Ackles was in it, it was like a compulsion. And although I probably would have had a better time at Inkheart (and definitely wouldn’t have been exposed to any internal organs or exploding pick-axed eyeballs during the viewing) I have to say…

I could watch that man sleep and be entertained.

*sigh* Sad. Just sad.

I mean, I’m not even a cougar–cougars are sleek and sexy and coiffed and shaved and blonde and can wear high heels. I’m sort of large and frumpy, and abstracted–I’m more like a land manatee. Land manatees should be embarrassed to lust after tender veal, but, well, there it is. Even in a slasher movie, he’s tender and juicy… mmm mmm mmm…

Of course, Chicken and I were embarrassed when it was over–too much conspicuous veal consumption in public you know… and Big T was way too sensible to see a slasher flick. He went for the politically relevant ‘Milk’. As Chicken and I were walking out of our movie, I told her, “I’d put money down that the first words out of his mouth are going to be “Now I can Watch Brokeback Mountain!”

And, uhm, guess what I’m listening to even as I post? Uhm hm… you guessed it. I love this movie–but it’s too sad for me right now so I’m blogging instead. (The soundtrack alone is enough to send me into the sniffles…)

And the final, ultimate irony of the night?

Well, there was the ubiquitous naked girl scene in the slasher flick… and I (belatedly) remembered that Milk was pretty mature… and we figured that, irony of ironies, Chicken and I got to see a naked woman and Big T got to see a couple of naked men. Well, it was the most in depth thing WE were going to get out of our night at the movies, that’s for DARN sure!

0 thoughts on “Now THAT’S Diehard Fandom…”

  1. Siercia says:

    From one land manatee to another, damn, that made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Glad you enjoyed your movie =)

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I think I’ll skip My Bloody Valentine. I like a good slasher movie (emphasis on the good) but for some reason, I’m not in the mood for it. I want a good comedy so I have to resort to netflix.

  3. Galad says:

    I don’t think I can handle slashing even for Jensen Ackles. Glad you and Chicken had a good time.

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