NY 1

(Thanks Rayna!)

So, I got in yesterday, and it’s funny– I assumed I’d be getting in around one and then I’d have the rest of the day. Sure I’d be tired, yeah, but so? I’ve been tired before.

A. My red-eye flight was NOT non-stop, so, for the record, waking up at 3 am my time to change planes was THE. WORST.

B. My stomach was all messed up– I did not eat during the layover, and I did not eat when I got off the plane.

C. Which meant that, when the shuttle took 3 1/2 hours to get me from the airport to Times Square, by the time I got here, I hadn’t eaten in 17 hours.

I was chalk white, near tears, and loopy as a fuckin’ goose.

Lovely Poppy

Poppy, bless her (and looking gorgeous today in her signature colors! <3 and="" arrived="" at="" by="" check="" concierge="" could="" done="" eat.="" elisabeth="" ever="" face="" food="" for="" gracious="" had="" i="" in.="" in="" look="" me="" meet="" my="" one="" p="" park="" poppy="" roommate="" she="" staab="" stuff="" the="" time="" to="" took="" waiting="" was="" we="">

Small breakfast!

I’ve got to tell you, we went downstairs for a bit– I honestly can’t remember why– and when we came back up it was 8 p.m..

And I was so tired from the flight and the blood sugar crash that I went to bed and slept until six in the morning.  Yeah, I woke up to text people– including Mate to say I couldn’t talk–but I was just wrecked. Between the flight and the blood sugar, I flat out couldn’t deal, and fighting sleep was not gonna be a thing.

Rayna & Elisabeth

But that was okay– I woke up this morning, bright and chipper, and Elizabeth, Rayna and I made plans to go see the memorial. It was a lovely day for it, not too hot, and by the time we’d finished talking about our 9/11 memories, we weren’t up to the museum.  We went to find a bathroom and a cold drink instead, and ended up in Barnes & Nobles, where Elisabeth and I made a fatal mistake:

Pretty, solemn day

We snacked.

As in, we ate a small item, not quite a meal, and decided to eat later.

Not reckoning on the book signing that started at 5:30.  (The book signing was exciting btw– I got a RITA Flag– and Rayna made me a meme!)

So, we were okay going IN to the book signing, but by the time we got OUT, we were starving.

(Kate and Heidi

Which is how we ended up at Junior’s, with Kate MacMurray and Rayna Vause, and huge appetites.

Thanks, Volunteer

And afterwards, we went to hang at the bar 😉

So, good couple of days– tomorrow, I go to some classes, talk to some folks, and hopefully have a really good time.

I know that today was pretty damned awesome.

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  1. toplsz says:

    What a horrible flight/journey you had. You look fabulous, that dress/hair really suits you. 😀

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