Odds and Ends

So, getting back into the swing of things this weekend, and taking care of some odds and ends! This one’s going to be a bullet point post, because if I’m lucky I can put together 2K for my word limit tonight, but I’m still a little tired and not feeling that lucky!

Here goes!

*  Mate really loves the hat I made him. It’s pewter gray (so, manly male colors) and soft and it fits really well, and given all of the SUPER SHITTY hats I made him when I first started knitting, I’m sort of proud of what a perfect fit it is. It’s like this is the hat he’s had coming to him for the last twenty years. (Yes, twenty years ago I taught myself to crochet and then knit… wow.) Anyway–he was going to see a soccer game outside at night with the kids (and I stayed home and tried to catch up with fuckall EVERYTHING because SO BEHIND!) when he couldn’t find it. He was crushed–he couldn’t find his Republic scarf, either. (Name of the soccer team– don’t freak out, we haven’t suddenly joined the other side.) Anyway– I found it, and he was glad, and although we haven’t found the soccer team scarf yet, I’m going to take the win. I mean, countless hours and countless dollars spent on my little hobby, and I made a thing, a simple thing, that my Mate likes. Win!

* Squish got a scratch on her eyeball–outside the iris and cornea–and while the red made us all go “OMG REALLY?” the cool part was the eyepatch. I mean, ZoomBoy fished out his pirate hat for the occasion. (And none of us took pictures? Frickin’ REALLY?)

* We went up to Mate’s mom’s property two days in a row, and broke, I mean took the dogs. The first day, after wandering around BOTH stretches of property for quite some time, Geoffie decided to disappear just when we were going back. She finally came after much calling, after having rolled in the excrement of the fish-eating sasquatchean juggernaut of hell. At least we assume that’s what she rolled in because OMG WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SMELL???? Like, we tried to wash it off her there, and her stench filled the car and then we put her in the bathtub and tried to cover it up with coconut shampoo and WE CAN STILL SMELL IT. If it wasn’t for the “My Way” rendition I put up on instagram, it would be a development of heinous proportions.

As it is…

I have regrets
I rolled in poo
It wasn’t new
Of that I’m certain. 

My mom is faint,
I smell of ewww
My stench today
Has seemed to worsen

And yet 
I’d run again
I’d roll in poo
Monday through Sunday
It’s bliss
Oh so much bliss
Poo-day is FUN DAY…

* Anyway, we spent much time out in the spring air. We also spent some time becoming vegetables. Chicken came to facilitate this by watching TV with us, and the following things happened:

A. We went to Starbucks for cookies. Because Chicken.

B. I finished the sweater I made for Chicken’s friend and her mother, who is undergoing chemo. Because Chicken.

C. I gave Chicken a pair of yoga pants with Pusheen on them that say “Let’s Do it Later”. Squish has an identical pair–I couldn’t decide which one of them needed those pants more.

D. We watched Deception, the new police procedural featuring the quirky adorable magician and his impassive, very serious female law enforcement partner.

E. We watched Instinct, the new police procedural featuring the quirky adorable academic (Alan Cummings) and his impassive, very serious female law enforcement partner. (Alan Cumming’s character in Instinct is ex-CIA and openly gay, so that’s new, and awesome, but you gotta admit, the similarities are there…)

F. Before we left for back east, I saw scarves on sale at the shoe store–super warm, super soft, pale pink and gray and black and cream colored neck scarves that are just dreamy, marked down 70%. I bought one for Chicken–which she wore the entire time, and one for Squish, which she ignored and left here. Chicken saw the scarf laying around, wrapped it around her neck, and, well, wore it home. Because, Chicken.

G. I finally started work on Squish’s hand made scarf, which she has been waiting for quite patiently, and which she asked for continually. I think she’s much relieved to see it back in production–it’s over halfway there.

And that’s it– we’re catching up on our rest and trying to catch up on our work, and there you go. It’s not exciting, but it’s us.

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