Off to see the Ren Faire…

Okay–I’ll admit it. As we started going through all the ren-faire gear in our room, I was a little surprised.

A lot surprised.

Damn, do we have a LOT of stuff. And I’ve, uhm, erm… grown out of some of it. Now that part was a nasty surprise, but on the good side of the surprise deal, the kids have grown in to a lot of it–EVERYBODY is going to have a costume or part of one tomorrow, even if I decide to go with the trendy peasant blouse from Torrid as opposed to the authentic (and HOT) long-sleeved peasant blouse from the last time we went to the Ren Faire!

Ladybug and Bone Daddy were plenty surprised too–and SO excited. “I look SO pretty!” said Ladybug, “And Chicken will be SO proud of me!” I told her Chicken was always proud of her, and Bone Daddy wanted to know if he could wear his Dragon Slaying clothes with his wooden sword and shield. They’re both pretty adorable, really–and I’m pretty excited to go. Big T got a leather hat last time we went, the Robin Hood kind, with a feather–we all agreed: he looks like Little John, and he was happy, because Little John’s a hero. And Chicken? Well, I’ll be able to finish her slouchy hat in Crabby McCrabbypants on the way to the faire (it’s about a three hour drive) so she’ll have a PERFECT match to her black dress and purple bustier. Now I just have to remember some laces–even cheap acrylic yarn, if I have to!– to get everyone all laced up!

Chicken’s b-day last night was a success, and she actually liked one of the two pairs of pants my mom bought her. (Mom and I both declared that a *win*–50% is a high success rate w/Chicken and clothes) and everybody enjoyed the pizza and company. Mate’s dad sent us a gift certificate, and Mate went and bought Beatles Rockband… I highly recommend it (as Cameron Frye said) it is SO choice!

I waited a bit to blog tonight–the dragon has been nipping at my heels, and it doesn’t help that I’m SO close to a sex scene or two and a resolution–Deacon and Dek have had a TOUGH row to hoe, and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see these two lovers HEA–it helps with the motivation like you wouldn’t believe. That, and I look forward to writing them being, erm, intimate. There hasn’t been a whole lot of sex in this one. Bad things happen when I don’t write sex often enough–trust me. It sort of backs up and gets slimy–must let the sexy writing out!!!!

Anyway, I promise (!!!) to take pictures and maybe even post some–and we’ll show Ladybug and Bone Daddy that Ladies and Dragon Slayers are ALWAYS something to be proud of;-) (We’re also going to the ocean on Sunday, since it’s only like half an hour away from the Ren Faire and we’re getting a hotel anyway… Bone Daddy is SO happy at the ocean! Can’t wait!)

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  1. Visiting via Rachel's Ramblings….

    I came because of your blog name, being also a writer. My current effort is about a woman who receives two invitations on her 50th birthday — one to join the American Association of Retired People (sort of a welcome to Old Fartdom) and the other to a gallery opening featuring nudes of her 25-year-old daughter painted by the daughter's lesbian roommate.

    Told you that to tell you this: I just finished writing a love scene between the protagonist and her husband of 30 years. They're still in love, still some heat in the marriage, but they're not CUTE anymore.

    I found it hysterically funny; hope someone else does, too!

  2. roxie says:

    Ren Faire? I am so totally jealous!! Yes, we must see photos! And the authentic blouse- is it hot (as in, "sexy,") or hot (as in, "Would someone just throw a bucket of water on me before I perspire to death?")??

  3. GrillTech says:

    If we don't see pictures of everyone I'm going to have to make it point to email you the entire plot of supernatural as they air here in Boise every week.. :>

  4. Ladies don't perspire, they glow.

  5. DecRainK says:

    I'm with Roxie.. I'm totally jealous of ya'll getting to go to Ren Faire. I haven't had a chance to go in a few years. They used to have one about 1/2hr from my house but they moved it (don't know where).

    Hope you all have fun!!!!!

  6. TinkingBell says:

    Oh I so want to go to a ren faire (ever since reading the Mercedes Lackey stuuf and all the SCA stuff

    Have a great time – bust your laces, dance and have fun – in fact have FUN!

  7. Donna Lee says:

    My kids go to the Ren Faire most years. They love it. I'm trying to talk Kate into letting me make her and the bf a costume. He's so tall and skinny and I think his knobby knees would look cute in tights!

  8. Louiz says:

    Enjoy! both the writing and the faire (am insanely jealous that things like that are just not as common here, by the way).

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